Interpretation is Everything: Advocating for Protective Nutrition Messaging for Children

The current generation of children is inundated with weight-biased, age-inappropriate nutrition messages. As to eating disorder savvy professionals and informed parents, we can advocate for children to be shielded from these harmful messages. We will look at the research showing how children interpret nutrition information and what is appropriate nutrition education for different ages.

Amenorrhea and infertility – A Novel Patient Centered Treatment Approach

Even after someone has recovered from an eating disorder, they are often surprised to find there is still work to be done. A symptom that highlights the need for more effort to attain true recovery is the absence of a monthly period (a bleed from birth control doesn’t count). Often the desire to restore periods comes when a woman wants to get pregnant, although there are other excellent reasons to continue to work on body image, food fears, and exercise addiction.

What do iPhones and HAES have in common? The art and science of disseminating weight neutral practices Webinar

From Health Not Diets | Author and creator of the Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians. Weight neutral practice approaches which center size acceptance, like Health at Every Size and the Non-Diet Approach, represent a key innovation in health practice given the ubiquitous backdrop of ‘anti-obesity’ sentiment in the provision of healthcare today. The adoption of these approaches so far has been driven by peer-to-peer communication as few professional authorities have yet to openly endorse or encourage weight neutral practice.