Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Community


As an organization, we have not done enough to create a learning space that nurtures diversity, inclusion, and body liberation. We acknowledge and are deeply sorry that we have caused harm by reproducing and reinforcing narrow stereotypes around who experiences and treats eating disorders, and who does not. Our actions are our responsibility to fix, and also reflect the broader problem of exclusiveness in our field. We commit to standing up and addressing these injustices, which stem from white supremacist systems and structures in healthcare, dietetics, eating disorders, and beyond.

Our first action step is changing our webinar calendar to reflect an inclusive group of guest experts, including those in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. We’ve now set a standard of at least 50% diversity in our panel experts. The updates to our calendar will be made no later than July 10th. Additionally, we are working with a brand expert to support in rebranding and remessaging what we fully intend to create at EDRDpro: an inclusive learning place for all. EDRDpro is committed to making long-term action that is fully reflected in all we do.

For those who want to help hold us accountable on our action: Please know that we are listening, and we welcome feedback. You can reach us at any time by emailing


The EDRDpro Team

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