Amber Young, MS, RD, LDN at Redefined Nutrition

Hello! I'm so happy you've found this space. I am a registered dietitian that is fiercely passionate about supporting individuals to heal their relationship with food and discover body acceptance through a weight-inclusive, anti-diet approach. I specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and Intuitive Eating.

I believe that no one understands your lived experience better than you. In my work with clients, I offer compassion, humor, and gentle guidance as I hold space for their stories. I aim to show up as both a human and a dietitian as we partner to free up valuable brain space for what matters most to you. I encourage clients to lead with curiosity and self-compassion as they explore eating and movement patterns that support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being - as they define it.

I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and can provide a superbill for our sessions if I am out of your network. My services are currently 100% virtual and I am able to work with individuals anywhere in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. I may also be able to work with you if you are out of state, but this will vary depending on your state's nutrition licensure laws regarding medical nutrition therapy (MNT).

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9541 Julian Clark Avenue, Huntersville, NC, USA

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