Katrina Seidman MS RDN LDN

Nutrition Therapist at Second Breakfast Nutrition, LLC providing a Health At Every Size (HAES) informed, somatically-based, intuitive approach to food, body, and movement.

We're the right fit are looking for an experienced, non-judgemental, gentle and compassionate guide to help you understand your relationship with food and safely reconnect with your body to realize what it knew all along, how to care for yourself in the realm of food, body, and movement.

Clients who I work with usually.... are chronic dieters, folks with eating disorders, moms wanting to heal body image and also raise intuitive eaters, anyone bothered by food, body, and exercise thoughts

I create safety and connection in our relationship by...validating, honoring, and witnessing your lived experience, affirming your ability to survive in the best ways that your system knew how to at the time , repeatedly asking permission and getting consent from you regularly throughout our sessions and our relationship, considering and valuing YOU as the most important member of your treatment team, and as the expert of your body and what you have been through, and going at a pace that feels safe enough for you to stretch to the edges of your comfort zone as you are ready..

Values I bring into my practice, authenticity, pleasure, unapologetic living, consistency, unconditional positive regard, validation, consent, curiosity, compassion, anti-racism, anti-oppression, fat positivity, HAES, liberatory framework, trauma-informed treatment, and the dismantling of diet culture. I hope that one day there will be life without food and body shame, and that all foods and bodies will be celebrated.

Main Location

Baltimore, MD, USA