Rosie Mensah


Rosie Mensah is a Registered Dietitian and Food Justice Activist. Growing up in a predominantly low-income neighbourhood, Rosie experienced food insecurity first-hand. Early on, Rosie became aware of the link between poverty and food insecurity and the destructive effects it was having on her and other members of her community. These experiences motivated Rosie to address the root causes of food insecurity, which developed her interest in food justice and culture. Rosie is a Co-Founder of the group Dietitians for Food Justice, and is a member of several food justice groups across North America. In 2020, Rosie developed the CEDAR course, which is an anti-oppression and anti-racism course for dietitians. Additionally, Rosie is the voice behind the brand “The Rosie Nutritionist” which explores food, bodies, culture and health through an intersectional lens. Rosie aims to empower people to enjoy good food, and diverse cultures while nourishing themselves and their communities. Rosie can be found on Instagram @rosiemensah or