We are so thankful to have members who are so deeply passionate about helping people heal from disordered eating. This week’s spotlight is on one of these amazing professionals. She is Crystal Savoy,  an enthusiastic, non-diet dietitian who offers virtual sessions as well as serves local clients in Somerville, MA. As an associate at Real Life Women’s Health, a private practice specializing in disordered eating, eating disorders and women’s health, Crystal supports clients in recovery back to a life free from disordered eating. She is active on instagram where you can follow her @brainutritionrd, as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Supporting these wonderful women in their recovery process and being able to work with them to really live a full life free of the eating disorder is truly special.

If you didn’t do what you do professionally, what other job or field would you have pursued, and why?

Hmm I want to say most likely another helping profession because it’s so rewarding to support other people in whatever capacity that might be but I also love interior design and when I was in high school wanted to be an interior decorator! (still obsessed with Fixer+Upper!)

Tell us something most people don’t know about you:

I am always stumped by this question! – I can tell military time, haha… I had to learn it for a job I had a long time ago because we had clients around the country.

Why eating disorders treatment? What drives you?

Knowing that what we do is saving lives, literally, is pretty rewarding.  This community of non-diet dietitians and practitioners is also so motivating and inspiring.  There’s always something new to learn, from clients to other practitioners to the research – there’s a lot of critical thinking involved.

Who are your favorite social media influencers in the non-diet, recovery, body liberation space?

Robyn Nohling, Marci Evans, Laura Thomas, Christy Harrison, Fiona Sutherland, Paige Smathers, Jessie Haggerty – there are SO many, I could go on.

What is/are your favorite book/s or resource that have made a difference in the way you work?

Of course EDRDpro is a wealth of knowledge; I also love being a part of IFEDD (international federation of eating disorder dietitians) and the listserv, Marci Evans and Robyn’s course and work has been a major part of my training, free resources like ED Catalogue are great, and continuing education opportunities or other trainings – I’m particularly excited to attend MEDA for the first time in 2019 and Molly Kellogg’s IFS training in May. Books like Intuitive Eating, The Happiness Trap, Body of Truth, and most recently Sick Enough have been a great influence on the way I work. I also have learned so much from listening to podcasts, particularly Food Psych, which was a major reason I decided to work in this field.

What is one non-diet, Intuitive Eating, or Health at Every Size® pearl of wisdom you’d like to share?

Recovery is 100% possible, regardless of history or age, never give up on yourself or your clients.