RO DBT: Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Informed Nutrition Counseling Workshop

Saturday, February 26th, 8 AM – 4:30 PM Pacific Time, online 

Replay will be available for registered participants who are enrolled by February 15th.   

Live attendance encouraged but not required.

13 CE Credits – Or register for both DBT and RO DBT bundle for 26 CE Credits (pending approval)

DBT Workshop – What you will learn:

  • What RO-DBT is and who it’s for
  • What is Overcontrolled (OC), the difference between self-control and overcontrol (because while self-control is a good thing, too much control can cause problems)
  • Traits of Overcontrol (OC) and how each one impacts nutrition therapy
  • Identifying and Engaging an OC client in nutrition therapy
  • Radical Openness – the Core Skill of RO DBT – how to increase flexibility and openness in ourselves and our clients
  • How to help our risk averse clients take risks and try something new (when this goes against every fiber of their being!)
  • How to read and respond to an OC client’s social signaling (because OC clients don’t always say what they mean)
  • Why Distress Tolerance Skills aren’t what our OC clients need
  • Game-changing counseling strategies for working with OC clients

5 pre-recorded modules specific to this RO DBT Training

On your own time, you’ll add to what you take away from the workshop with the following 5 pre-recorded modules specific to this RO DBT Training:

  • Meal Planning with an OC Client
  • Body Image work with an OC client
  • Perceptual Bias in clients with Eating Disorders
  • The 4 Stages of Learning: Insight into perfectionism in ED Recovery
  • Bonus Counseling Strategies

AND… you’ll have long-term access to all of the full-day workshop recordings and the supporting video modules for up to two years.

Also included: Handouts, materials and Q & A time with our instructors.

Space is limited - Registration Opens November 1 and closes February 15th

Unlike our other courses, this course will not be available for purchase again until after June 2022. You do not have to join live; however, you will gain the most benefit from live attendance due to the nature of the training style and experience.

Meet the Instructors:

Register Today: Choose DBT, RO DBT, or Both!

EDRD Pro Members save $100 off one workshop or $150 off the bundle. Please use the coupon code provided to you in the Member emails or email if you do not see it.  

  • DBT Workshop only – $49913 CE Credits. [Member price with coupon $399]
  • RO DBT Workshop only – $499 -13 CE credit.  [Member price with coupon $399]
  • DBT + RO DBT Workshops Bundle $799 -26 CE credits. [Member price with coupon $649]