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March 1 - 4, 2019

Join hundreds of health professionals for the 2019 EDRDpro Online Symposium based on a revolutionary approach to eating disorder treatment and prevention. This entire conference takes place online and can be viewed on demand, anytime, anywhere.

  • 13 CEU credits for registered dietitians
  • 13 insightful webinars led by 18 leaders in the fields of nutrition and mental health
  • Open to all health professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists, therapists and health coaches
  • Live Q & A video session with speakers
  • Closed Facebook group for attendees with giveaways, special offers and more

You’ll learn in-depth about the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, the dietitian’s role in Family-Based Treatment, the effects of certain medications on eating disorder recovery, and many more relevant and critical topics for treating eating disorders today.

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If you’re looking to enrich the lives of others through the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach with a community of professionals and access to an abundance of valuable resources, this is the place for you.

Kristin Neff, PhD

Author of the best selling book Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

Keynote Session Title: The Power of Self-Compassion

For many years self-esteem was seen to be the key to psychological health. More recently, however, researchers have identified several downsides to the pursuit of self-esteem such as narcissism, ego-defensiveness, social comparisons, and the contingency and instability of self-worth. Research suggests that self-compassion is a healthier way of relating to oneself, offering the benefits of self-esteem without its downsides. Self-compassion involves treating ourselves kindly, like we would a close friend we cared about. Rather than making global evaluations of ourselves as “good” or “bad,” self-compassion involves generating kindness toward ourselves as imperfect humans, and learning to be present with the inevitable struggles of life with greater ease. It motivates us to make needed changes in our lives not because we’re worthless or inadequate, but because we care about ourselves and want to lessen our suffering. This talk will present theory and research on self-compassion, which a burgeoning empirical literature has shown to be powerfully associated with psychological wellbeing. It will distinguish self-compassion from self-esteem, and discuss research indicating that self-compassion is a more powerful and effective motivational tool than self-criticism. A brief self-compassion practice will also be taught that can be used in daily life.



    13 webinars presented by leading experts in relevant and critical topics for treating disordered eating today


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