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Upcoming Webinars

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Member's Webinar Library

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FBT & Working with Adolescents Version 2.0

FBT & Working with Adolescents Version 2.0

Working with Adolescents and their Families.

A Comprehensive Introduction To Eating Disorders

Starts March 27, 2023 – 100% online.

ARFID for Dietitians Course

ARFID for Dietitians Course

Learn about treating ARFID through a Responsive Feeding Therapy Approach.


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We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive community



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Professional Boundaries for Values-Driven Clinicians: Protect Your Energy in Private Practice
Adoptees and Eating Disorders
Befriending the Body on the Road to Recovery
January Case Consult with Charlie Golightly MPP-D, RD, RYT (they/them)
Finding Breath: Using Counter Narratives to Resuscitate the HAES® Framework of Care
Attending to Emotions in Eating Disorder Recovery
Full-Filled: Meal Support, Connection, and Grounding in a Virtual World
Troubleshooting Dietitian Insurance Issues in the Non-Diet and Eating Disorder Space
Prioritizing Healing: Cultural Considerations and Unhooking from White Supremacy in Modern Eating Disorder Treatment

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