The 5-part course is produced by EDRD Pro

In Partnership with The Mindful Dietitian.

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Course Instructors: Fiona Sutherland, APD, director of The Mindful Dietitian and Aaron Flores, RDN

What will be covered? Walk away with a thorough and current understanding of BED and best treatment practices for dietitians.

  • Introduction and Overview: What every dietitian needs to know about Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
  • Binge eating and the nervous system
  • An up-to-date and inclusive view of assessment, screening, prevalence, and diagnostics
  • Setting up treatment in the nutrition counseling setting
  • Psychoeducation for clients with BED
  • Shame, trauma and binge eating
  • Dietetic Interventions
  • Key support skills for individuals with BED
  • Redefining restriction in BED recovery
  • Boundaries, resilience and advocacy

Check back in March for a thorough look at all session descriptions and learning objectives.

The course will also include a number of bonus interviews with experts on topics such as shame and trauma, working with clients with BED and other comorbidities, and more.

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