A Soft Place to Land

We practice from a weight-inclusive and trauma-informed lens with emphasis on non-diet nutrition, fat liberation, intuitive eating, and a Health at Every Size® philosophy. We work with the client as a whole person to provide highly individualized care, and believe the client is the expert of their own body. We aim to provide clients “a soft place to land” in their healing journey. 

Whether one is suffering from an eating disorder or disordered eating, chronic dieting, or want to explore intuitive eating, body image work, and/or foster a better relationship with movement (physical activity), we’ll do it all together. For those with disordered eating or eating disorders, you deserve peace. We'll provide you with empathetic and unwavering support, including collaborating with other providers on your recovery team. For parents of teenagers, we'll work with your teen and your family to ensure a collaborative approach in your child’s recovery.

A Soft Place to Land is committed to a social justice framework and while we acknowledge that we hold a great deal of privilege, we always strive to support my clients who hold identities that are marginalized and oppressed. We acknowledge that diet culture has roots in racism, healthism, and is ableist. We are dedicated to learning from those who are marginalized themselves and support LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, fat, and disabled clients.

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23 North Sixth Street, Emmaus, PA, USA

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