AETIO Nutrition with Shari Havourd MS, CNS, LDN

I am passionate about helping my clients improve their quality of life by putting the pieces of their health puzzle together and meeting them where they are.  I apply evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, intuitive eating skills, and health coaching techniques to address their GI conditions, disordered eating, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, cancer, fatigue, and dieting distress. My style is to work collaboratively and with compassion, offer the why behind the what, and use functional labs when needed. I provide a safe space where we work through the challenges and celebrate the wins.  I also enjoy helping clients reconnect with their bodies, rebuild their relationship with food and share the benefits of fun & fuel foods.

As an overweight adolescent, former disordered eater, and dieter, as well as being a parent and sister to family members coping with mental health conditions, I relate well to my clients' situations. I invite you to schedule a free, 20-minute discovery call to see if the fit feels right and see how working with a qualified nutritionist can help you feel better.

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