Calene Van Noy, RDN, CD

Calene Van Noy is a registered dietitian based out of Davis County, Utah specializing in treating eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, ARFID). She currently works at Tanner Clinic in Layton as well as offering virtual visits through Bright Heart Health. Her work in nutrition therapy began with Center For Change in Orem, Utah over 20 years ago where Intuitive Eating was just beginning to be used in the treatment of eating disorders. Calene loves to see her clients make peace with food and their body and the great freedom and empowerment that comes as a result. It is thrilling when a client tells her "I just went out to eat with my husband - it was so nice to feel mostly normal!" or "I just ate two slices of leftover pizza alone in my kitchen and then took the dog for a walk like a regular person!" She works with adolescents and their families on up to people in their later years who are ready to enjoy more freedom and fulfillment through healing their relationship with food. The work done in visits includes exploring values to working on eating competency to practicing mindful eating. Sessions can be in the form of a walk and talk session, home meal observation visit, grocery store or restaurant excursions, and of course, over Zoom or in her office in Layton.

Main Location

Tanner Clinic - Layton, North 1700 West, Layton, UT, USA

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