Chelsea Whealdon Nutrition

Greetings! My goal is to help you achieve a peaceful, empowered relationship with food and with your body. I will help you to learn to take care of yourself with food from a place of kindness and to use nutrition in a way that best supports your life stage and health. My ultimate goal is for you to be and to feel strong.

Our relationship with food can be fraught and sometimes confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. I will help you develop skills to nourish yourself in a way that reduces shame and guilt, and, instead facilitates confidence, self-trust, and joy. I use a weight-inclusive approach and focus on lifelong habits rather than short-term diet fixes. Diets over-promise and under-deliver. I focus on long-term skills to nourish yourself and support health and longevity for life.

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Mill Creek, WA, USA

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