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Cultivate Counseling and Wellness LLC - Katie Gilder, MPH, RD, LD, Jillian Tholen, MS, RDN, LD, CSSD

"When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers." - Ellyn Satter

Katie has worked for the last 10 years in multiple settings and has experience with adolescents and families as well as adults. She has specialized in helping adolescents and young adults with eating disorders for the past 7 years, has extensive training and experience in supporting families with FBT(TAY), and believes in individualized care for clients and families. She works to help people find the food philosophy that works for them and improve their relationship with food through a Health At Every Size lens.

Jillian's goal is to help all of her clients truly appreciate their unique bodies and the incredible things they can do. And when it comes to food, to help them learn how to best fuel and nourish their bodies, using an approach that is intuitive, rather than rigid or restrictive. If you’re struggling with your relationship with food, exercise, and/or your body, my goal is to help you re-learn what it’s like to trust your internal cues and to appreciate all of the incredible things your body can do, instead of focusing on what it looks like—this is something that can be particularly important for the athletic population.

At Cultivate, we are honored to hold space for clients who are finding life a little bit hard. We value client-centered care, creativity, continuous education (for ourselves and our clients), and feeling connected within our practice, the community, and ourselves.

We have a particular passion for working with adolescents and young adults, and bridging the gap between higher levels of care and real-life experiences like sharing a living space, grocery shopping, and keeping a budget. We specialize in age-appropriate guidance for those balancing mental health concerns with their first steps into adulthood.

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