Eating Disorder and OCD Therapy

We specialize in treating Eating Disorders, Body Image, Anxiety, Trauma and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We often work with relational concerns, body dysmorphic disorder and mood disorders as well. We have extensive professional training as well as lived experience. We know what it's like to be scared of recovery, yet desperately yearning for relief. We take a compassionate yet firm approach to help you reach your goals in healing.  Our clients take comfort knowing they can come to us, judgement free, and talk with a therapist who has been there.

Social justice is an integral part of our work and we operate from a Health at Every Size lens. We identify as intersectional therapists, which means we strive to affirm and warmly welcome your intersecting identities, which include sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, race, ability, and class. Our advocacy does not end in the therapy room

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421 Broadway #5064, San Diego, CA, USA

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