Gabriela Barreto, MS, RD, CDN, CSSD

I am a Board Certified Sports Dietitian specializing in performance nutrition and eating disorders. I work with active gym goers, athletes, and student athletes fuel their training and performance while improving their relationship with food and body image. In my nutrition programs, I provide personalized, custom plans and coaching to athletes and intense exercisers fuel their training with the right foods to promote and support their lifestyle. My nutrition programs focus on health and performance, without restriction and dieting, and a focus on improving body image.

I provide concierge online nutrition counseling and meal planning help implement nutrition practices to help you reach your needs while we heal together. My programs offer contact throughout the week with clients, parents, trainers and coaches to provide a comprehensive approach.
I know that reaching out for help can be challenging, I am here to listen to your concerns around food, training and body image without judgement and a genuine interest in helping you heal.

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120 West Park Ave

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