Hannah Kirby – Whole Being Nutrition

My goal as a dietitian is to help you cultivate a relationship with food, movement, and body image that supports your big dreams--whether that is training to climb mountains, stepping out of a perpetual dieting cycle, or feeling more at peace with your body. The foundation of Whole Being Nutrition centers around the belief that we as human beings are whole and complete, just as we are, and worthy of truly living a life that aligns with our dreams, hopes, and values.

Much of my experience has been focused on working with adolescents and adults through eating disorder recovery at various levels of care. I specialize in restrictive eating patterns, emotional eating, and binge eating. As an avid outdoor adventure seeker, I am also passionate about offering nutrition counseling to help outdoor athletes and weekend warriors crush goals in various outdoor activities and sports.

I offer virtual nutrition counseling services in Washington and Tennessee. If you are interested in learning more or chatting to see if we would be a good fit, please feel free to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call!

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Seattle, WA, USA

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