Inclusive Nutrition Counseling

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with a passionate advocate for well-being for every body. As a Registered Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counselor, I am here to guide you toward a transformative relationship with food, your body, and, ultimately, yourself. My commitment to this path was born from a personal odyssey – a battle with disordered eating fueled by racism that ignited my passion for nutrition. The journey was challenging, but it equipped me with invaluable insights that empower my mission today.

If your relationship with food and your body is causing distress and upheaval in your life, you’ve found the right place. I believe in rewriting the story of health, focusing on harmony, acceptance, and authenticity. I understand the overwhelming feelings that nourishing your body can bring, and I want you to know you are not alone.
My mission is clear: to share the freedom from disordered eating that transformed my life. Together, we navigate the intricate path to self-acceptance, fostering a space where everyone, regardless of background or body size, can find solace, empowerment, and the courage to liberate themselves from the shackles of diet culture.

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