Julie Keta, RD- Flourish True Nutrition & Wellness

Through years of practice, Julie has worked with people who have shared their struggles with the food they eat and the bodies they live in. It is a privilege to work with clients and help a different story to emerge- one that boasts gentleness and nourishment instead of performance and pressure. Julie's mission is to empower clients to partner with your NOW body, grow to appreciate its intricacies, uniqueness, and accept that it is theirs alone to fully understand.

Julie practices from a Health At Every Size® (HAES®) and weight-inclusive perspective while using scientific and ethical evidence to personalize non-diet nutrition support for her clients. She is committed to encouraging her clients in making unique health behaviour changes that can improve their wellbeing regardless of body size.

Over her almost 10 years of practice as a Registered Dietitian, Julie has built extensive knowledge and specialized training in recovery from disordered eating using intuitive eating principles, eating disorder care, and nutrition for prenatal/postpartum recovery. She is passionate in helping her clients with establishing deep connections (or reconnections!) to their brilliant bodies through body image support. Her continued desire to learn is grounded by her commitment to serve her clients in the best way possible and ensure that they feel heard, seen and connected to their intuitive abilities along the way. Julie engages in regular professional supervision with dietetic mentors trained in disordered eating and eating disorder care. She is actively pursuing specialized credentials as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS) with IAEDP and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

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