Lauren Hyden Wellness

My approach

I am a clinical nutritionist providing holistic support for mental health, digestive conditions, and eating disorders.

I support you to help heal your relationship with food and discover body acceptance through a weight-inclusive, anti-diet approach. I will listen to your story and work alongside you to uncover what your body needs to return to a state of balance. Each of us exist in a unique body that has been influenced by our lived experiences. Because of that, my work is guided by curiosity, placing your intuition at the center of what we do. This shifts the power back to you, so that you learn to discern and assert your needs, ultimately reconnecting back to your body.


Lauren Hyden, CNS, LDN, is a clinical nutrition therapist specializing in mental health, digestive conditions, and disordered eating. She holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and a Bachelors of Science in Public Health. Lauren owns her private practice in Gainesville, FL, where she utilizes food, supplements, and mindfulness techniques to relieve symptoms and support healing in a holistic, sustainable way.

Main Location

2120 Northwest 7th Street, Gainesville, FL, USA

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