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Hi, my name is Lee Cotton and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has a “non-diet approach” to eating and is a foodie by heart! I believe in a mind body approach to wellness and eating foods that are best for your individual health. I believe in balanced nutrition and moderation. I utilize evidence based nutrition and am not a fan of diets.  The approach I want my clients to have is a way of life eating pattern that is best suited for their own individual needs.

My passion is educating clients on how to eat for their own overall health. My approach to medical nutrition therapy is evidenced based and takes in account both the client’s health and goals. I want to provide the education and tools in order for a client to make lifelong health changes.  I spend the time needed to focus on your own health history and do a nutrition assessment in the initial session. I provide educational support and create a plan for your health.

I believe in taking a mindful realistic approach to nutrition.  I believe in creating a safe space for clients to be able to discuss their needs without judgement. From sharing a client’s goals and vision for their health, to assessing their current food struggles and to create plans of actions that are realistic… that is my passion!

I do not believe in diets and the diet culture.  I believe in honoring our bodies internal cues and focusing on long-term health. I believe in creating a space to cultivate a healthy body image and creating body acceptance.  I believe in supporting my clients and educating them to reconnect with their body’s needs.

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