Lindsey Ahlert, MS RD LD RYT

Join me for virtual nutrition counseling with a focus on eating with ease, finding joy in food, and personalized goals to support your well being. With a non-diet, weight inclusive approach, we set aside intentional weight loss and restrictive eating to focus on meeting your individual nutrition and health needs.

I love working with clients to reclaim their confidence from disrupted eating. Many things can disrupt our ability to eat with ease: a history of dieting, fatigue from the pressures of "healthy eating", symptoms from your chronic illness, the struggles of feeding a family, overly busy schedules, and so many more.

Together we will discuss your history with food and movement, personal challenges, and individual goals. Through our collaborative nutrition counseling sessions, we will explore challenging thoughts and beliefs, busting food myths, and investigating a new mindset. Guided activities and other tools will be used to increase your confidence and apply the concepts to your real life.

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I look forward to helping you rebuild trust in your body, relearn your body's cues, embrace relaxed, joyful eating, and honor your personal definition of health.

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Oak Grove, MN 55303, USA

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