Mendoza Nutrition Therapy

We are a group of dietitians in Austin, Texas, who believes that food is more than just the nutrients we put into our bodies. It heals, nourishes, and brings joy yet can also feel like the exact opposite at times. That’s why we provide individualized nutrition counseling to support you while you repair your relationship with food and work toward finding peace. We also understand that our feelings about our body may make it hard to do this, which is why we’ll help guide you as you learn to trust your body.

Our services are provided from a weight-inclusive, non-diet approach that is rooted in current research. We believe that all individuals deserve access to care regardless of their background and lived experiences. No matter where you are today with your relationship with food and your body, we’re here to provide compassion and support throughout your journey.

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3432 Greystone Drive Ste 120, Austin, TX, USA

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