Mimosa Collins (she/her), RD


Nutrition therapy is individualized, creative, nurturing and dynamic; focused on healing your relationship with food, body image, exercise, and/or weight. Because these aspects of life have often been riddled with shame, guilt, and secrecy, I understand the importance of ensuring you feel safe, heard, and understood. Depending on the individual and their specific journey, some aspects of nutrition therapy include:

  • Reviving internal hunger and fullness cues
  • Cultivating trust in your body's signals for rest or movement
  • Discerning between harmful and helpful food and body messages
  • Integrating seemingly opposing desires
  • Creating peace with foods that cause discomfort or anxiety
  • Acknowledging the role food rules play in an unjust society

About Me

Mimosa has been supporting individuals on their non-linear journeys toward more freedom with food since 2016. Her work at various levels of care give her an appreciation for the strength and bravery involved with turning toward recovery. Whether you are giving up diet mentality and want to practice more rule-free nourishment, or you're deep in an eating disorder and it's challenging to know what to believe; it is an honor to come alongside someone's journey and help them hear their deeper truths amidst the noise of nutrition.

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4425 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

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