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MORE Method Nutrition is a small group private practice of Registered Dietitians lead by Alida Iacobellis RD MHSc. We specialize in eating disorder recovery and performance nutrition for athletes using a non-diet and weight-neutral approach.

The MORE Method is a 4 phase, evidence-based approach to eating disorder recovery that is informed by CBT, DBT and FBT. It is a weight-neutral, collaborative, and trauma-informed framework that guides clients to a place where they can finally feel good about food and their bodies. The MORE Method is currently available clients who reside in Ontario, Canada, and is provided through virtual, individual counselling sessions with Alida Iacobellis RD MHSc or Alana Freitag RD MHSc.

Are you ready to find out what giving yourself MORE can look and feel like? You can book your free introductory call with Alida or Alana by phone or video chat at this link:

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