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Learn how to repair your relationship with food and your body from a compassionate and empathic dietitan in midtown Atlanta (in person or virtually). Jennifer also has experience in bariatric surgery and can help post-op clients focus on a more balanced, all foods can fit philosophy without being a slave to the scale.


It is the position of Nutrition Atlanta Inc. and Jennifer Hnat, RDN, that all bodies deserve proper care, nourishment, and respect. Regardless of body size, shape, composition, all bodies are good bodies and all people deserve access to body-neutral, non-stigmatizing healthcare services.

Mindful eating views body weight as an inaccurate representation of health or wellbeing and instead focuses on helping people recognize the foods that feel nourishing and energizing in their respective body. Food impacts our mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well beingness. Diet culture and a focus on weight loss can lead to disordered eating behaviors, beliefs, habits, patterns and thoughts.

As mindful eating practitioners we encourage individuals to:
* tap into their body wisdom to guide them with food decisions of what, when, how and how much to eat without judgment, guilt, or shame;
* replace food judgment, shame, or guilt with curiosity and awareness;
* delete the belief that food is either “good” or “bad” and adopt an “all foods can fit” philosophy!

As mindful & intentional eating practitioners we do not believe in making assumptions about someone’s eating behaviors, physical health or emotional wellbeing based on their body shape or size.

Mindful eating is a “weight normative” practice and does not support weight loss interventions, challenges the use of weight-stigmatizing language, and promotes the practice of mindful eating as a way to unite us all in our birthright and quest to feel good in our skin.  All humans are welcome and all humans are treated equally.



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