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We are Omni Counseling and Nutrition and we are radical therapists and dietitians. We are passionate about liberation and justice. We believe you deserve freedom in the way that you relate to food, your body, and in every other aspect of your life! We believe relationships are the vehicle for healing and we love our clients!

Liberation from oppression and the systems that keep you from your full potential is the top value that guides our work. We have a particular focus on the systems that tell you that your body needs to fit into some kind of arbitrary standard or ideal.

The founders of Omni, Corrie and Melissa have over 25 years of combined experience in the eating disorder nutrition and mental health fields. They came together to create Omni Counseling and Nutrition to provide a community resource and to serve as a space where clients can come to receive counseling support alongside nutrition therapy. Since Omni was founded in 2018 the team has grown to include six additional clinicians - Melissa Knudson, Abbey Gesing, Savannah Shotts, Hannah Croft, Julia Schuster and Alyssa Thomas.

Whole person liberation is Omni's mission. Every clinician on Omni’s team is trauma informed and works with clients to dismantle internalized and systemic oppression. We believe each client comes to us as an individual with a unique story that has impacted who you are. Omni Counseling and Nutrition aims to be a safe space and strives to be inclusive of folx of all backgrounds and identities - we are in the trenches striving to do our work to uncover unconscious bias and blind spots related to all systems of oppression. 

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