Robyn Wakimoto, RDN

Do you question everything you eat and don't trust yourself around food? Are you exhausted from constantly being at war with your body? Are you ready for a change?

I'm Robyn Wakimoto, a registered dietitian nutritionist, a nutrition therapist, and a certified intuitive eating counselor, and I've been in your shoes. As a large child, I struggled with yo-yo dieting, food restriction, and disordered eating practices until into my 20s, when I finally said enough and started down the path of intuitive eating.

Together,  we will help you get there too. In individual counseling sessions, we will take a deep dive into your relationship with food and your body and start building on the principles of intuitive eating. By the end of our work together, you will have greater body appreciation and overall life satisfaction and you will finally heal your relationship with food.

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150 Melrose Avenue East, Seattle, WA, USA

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