With Milk and Honey, LLC: Jessica-Lauren Newby, MA, RDN, CEDRD-S

I am CEDRD-S located in Oxford, MS. I am passionate about helping individuals find freedom in their everyday lives with no more bondage of shame tied to their food and movement choices. I work with a client-centered approach helping the individual to write their own recovery story. I am available to work with all ages and gender identities but my primary focus has been with females aged 14-35. My most recent work has included more adolescents in a pediatric ambulatory clinic treating all diagnoses through a non-diet weight-inclusive lens.  I am also available to work with individuals and/or families for pre-and post-natal nutrition, lactation support (IBCLC),  and baby-led weaning for the introduction of solids with no mom-guilt or food fears in child-rearing. I really enjoy helping recovered individuals foster a desirable family food dynamic for their growing families from birth to grown and flown using the Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility.  I have been working virtually since January 2017 and am very comfortable working with individuals worldwide for support through recovery coaching and in the states where I am licensed with medical nutrition therapy for eating disorders.

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416 Elizabeth Ct, Oxford, MS, 38655 USA

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