We are excited to introduce you to EDRD Pro member Gina Salame, RD, CEDS-S (she/her) of Bocaditos de Amor! Gina is a dietitian living in Mexico City – find and follow her on Instagram @ginasalame.

Keep reading to learn more about Gina and her incredible work!

What’s your favorite meal?

Whatever dish that is cooked by my mom 😊 She is an amazing cook and brings always so much love to the table.

If you could choose to have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

I think with my whole family, including my ancestors. Specially, my grandfathers who I was not able to know (they both died before I was born…). And I miss so much my grandma, so a meal with her would be amazing.

What is a piece of career advice that you would share with someone starting off in the eating disorder field?

To be patient and invest on supervision from the beginning.

What’s something that’s brought you joy recently?

My 15-year-old son is in Israel, and he is sending me pictures and videos having fun. That made my heart very happy.

What’s something you’ve learned recently?

I learned about the history of black enslavement and white supremacy from from Whitney Trotter and Jessica Wilson. I am Jewish, and I am invested on Jewish history, I felt the same way as learning about the Holocaust… I can’t imagine how these things happened….

Why eating disorder treatment? What drives you to do this work?

I love the combination of nutrition science and psychology. I love working with people and knowing deep parts of them.

Do you have specific areas of interest or special populations with whom you work?

It’s challenging to work with children young adults and teenagers, but I also enjoy the work.

What’s your favorite part about being involved in EDRD Pro?

I just want to thank EDRD Pro for the great webinars, supervision, and courses that you bring. EDRD Pro has been the most important source of my continuing education. I am so grateful of being part. And I want to thank EDRD Pro for supporting me with the payments of the courses through scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to do my work if it was not because of this option… Really.

I just wanted to let you know that I am committed to helping others the way you help me (I just gave scholarships to several dietitians in Argentina to our online certification) letting you know that your kindness is spreading.

And now I am crying, thank you so so much for your support.

What projects, products, or services do you offer that you want to share with our audience?

I am a new CEDS-S 😬, so I am offering supervision to Spanish-speaking EDRDs.

I have an online certification with 2 of my Mexican colleagues called Respectful Eating and Body Liberation.

And I have my private practice where I help people heal their relationship with food and body.