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We understand that everyone has different struggles and goals when it comes to their body, mind, food, and movement. So our team creates a safe, and brave, space for you to explore your incredible potential and begin to renew these relationships so that you can live the life you hope for and deserve. 

All Voices specializes in assisting with and preventing future suffering from eating disorders – including anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN), binge eating disorder (BED), avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), other specified eating disorder (OSFED), rumination, orthorexia (obsession with healthy eating), disordered eating, body image concerns, excessive or avoidance of exercise, food compulsions, not-enough-ism and perfectionism with regard to food, body, weight and movement.

We assist individuals and their families using a multi-dimensional approach that is trauma and diversity informed and aligned to the Health at Every Size (HAES®) principles. We leverage appropriate therapeutic modalities such as: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatic awareness, nutritional science education/counseling, meal and text support and groups sessions. We take a collaborative approach and work with your entire professional care team to ensure all our clients and their families are getting the support they need without judgment, shame or fear.

At All Voices, we respect the individual and their unique journey and struggles. We shun diet-culture and normative societal expectations and instead we focus on finding ways for you to listen your inner intuition, your voice, and mindfully moderate your choices so that you can accomplish your wellness and life goals without being held back by food or body concerns.

We take a holistic and whole-person approach when it comes to food and body struggles; and we know that the components that will support each person are likely different so we listen to all voices. We assist you to reconnect with your body and mind; and no topics, fears or stuck-point are off limits as we recognize their importance and integration in your life.

We know that how a person relates to food is often a proxy for how one relates to themselves and to their relationships with others and we want you to be able to speak your voice and live your authentic self.

We believe that all foods can fit into a person’s life; and by creating a brave space for you to incrementally sift through emotions, expectations and stigmas we can breakdown these and assist you to find the freedom, wellness, and relationships you desire.

As stated in our name, we welcome and support all voices and to be clear this means all – genders, sexual orientations, ages, races, cultures, faiths, abilities, sizes and lifestyles.

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