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Meet Emmy:

Emmy Bright is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor living in Madison, Wisconsin. Emmy trained in clinical nutrition at the Cleveland Clinic as well as in Intuitive Eating with its founders, and she holds bachelor’s degrees in social welfare and nutrition & dietetics and a master’s in healthcare administration. She specializes in providing HAES-based medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases (with a specialty in GI conditions like IBS), eating disorders, and disordered eating, and she is passionate about creating more compassionate, fat-positive spaces in healthcare. Emmy is a fan of Pét Nat wine and seeing how many plants she can fit in her home. Emmy provides care for individuals living in multiple states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.


1:1 Counseling:

Work one-on-one with us to create a personalized plan to meet your individual health, nutrition, or wellness goals on your terms with no judgement… ever.

Using evidence-based practice rooted in science, we specialize in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for a variety of health-related conditions and in Intuitive Eating for healing from eating disorders, disordered eating patterns, and chronic dieting. Together, we’ll help you focus on balance while growing sustainable habits. No quick fixes or restrictive diets.


Our Philosophy:

  • We know you’re the expert of your own body. We’re here to listen to you and support the goals you have based on our expertise… but you’ll always have the final sign-off on anything we do.

  • We strongly believe weight is not a marker of health, and we provide fat-positive and inclusive care.

  • We are also firmly non-diet dietitians. This means we’ll set you up with non-restrictive nutrition recommendations instead of food rules, strict diets, and weight-loss plans.

  • Everything we do is rooted in Intuitive Eating, meaning we always want to support a healthy and happy relationship with food (no matter what we’re working on together).

  • We pride ourselves on prioritizing research-backed solutions in your care – not just recycling some questionable BS from social media.

  • We’re here to be your support system and trusted nutrition expert you can come to with any question or concern, not your judgy friend that says, “Are you really going to eat that?”


Where We Are:

Emmy is able to provide care for individuals living in: AZ, CA, CO, IL, MI, MN, VA, WI, WA

Real Good Nutrition is located in Madison, WI and offers in-person sessions as well as virtual sessions.

Main Location

345 West Washington Avenue, Madison, WI, USA

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