Homeward Bound Nutrition LLC.

I am a Registered Dietitian that specializes in chronic dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders in all types of bodies and minds. 

I provide folks space to process their relationship with food and body and decide what “coming home” to their body looks like. Homeward bound may be reclaiming autonomy and intuition around food; it may mean learning to honor unaddressed bodily needs. My goal is to support my clients in re-establishing a relationship with food that feels sustainable, authentic, and values-driven.

I come to this work with five years of experience within both the eating disorder treatment and outpatient group practice settings. I approach nutrition counseling from a Health At Every Size ®  (HAES) approach, a framework that promotes health equity, supports ending weight discrimination, and improves access to quality healthcare regardless of size. I also recognize the damage of healthism and am interested in exploring the systems of oppression that impact people’s relationship with food and their body.

I work with adults (18 + years old) in the virtual setting. I provide a neurodiversity-affirming approach with attention towards LGBTQ+-affirming and fat-positive care.

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Northampton, MA, USA

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