Joy Linn

I have been specializing in eating disorder recovery for the past several years and have been practicing therapy for about 18 years. Being able to effectively support those in recovery from disordered eating and body image issues required me to undergo the long journey of uprooting ingrained fatphobia and diet culture, as well as other toxic cultural prejudices. Additionally, I have my own history of recovering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia issues in my past, which now provides me with additional insight and respect for the recovery process. I believe that true recovery is possible for all, and I encourage intuitive eating practices for my clients. I am a HAES-aligned, trauma-informed, and fat-positive therapist. I feel honored to support my clients in their work of personal transformation and use Internal Family Systems (IFS) as my primary therapy model.

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101 Church Street, Suite #40, Los Gatos, CA, USA

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