Mindful Food & Motion

Here, at Mindful Food & Motion, ALL bodies are welcome. There are no prerequisites for worthiness. Every body and everyone’s story matters.

Mindful Food & Motion is a place to connect with others, or perhaps re-connect with yourself. It’s a refuge to go to when you know you’ve had it with the ups and downs of dieting, but don’t know what to do next. You can turn in your weapons here, lay down your arms, stop the fight, and instead choose peace. Here you can stop obsessing about food and how “good” or “bad” you’ve been with eating or assessing your worth based on a number on the scale. You can let  go of the struggle, bargaining, constant accounting and criticizing, and learn to develop and trust the part of you we all have inside of us that is relaxed, accepting, and wise, and to eventually get out of your own way in order to take care of yourself in a true, meaningful, and balanced way.

We laugh here, we learn here, most of us have cried here. We gain insights and skills to heal. It’s a safe space where you can speak aloud things you have only said to yourself before, which makes it a brave space too. Nobody has had the same exact experience you have had, everyone’s story is unique, but the underlying feelings (frustration, shame, and – believe it or not – sometimes hope) are shared by all. Here every journey, perspective, and timeline is honored without judgment or criticism. Food becomes less magical and scary, people surprise themselves by choosing different behaviors than they have in a long time, and eventually settle into both the comfort and confidence so that saying “yes” or “no” to food becomes no big deal.

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905 Jefferson Avenue suite 300, St Paul, MN 55102, USA

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