Nutrition with Naia

ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS - Does your life feel difficult to manage because of your health? Are you struggling in your relationship with food? Our team of dietitians and recovery counselors utilize an "All food fits", non-diet approach to help you live your life free from obsessive thoughts about food and your body. If you feel ready to take steps toward recovery, or you're a little curious, reach out to schedule a free 15 minute intake call. We would love to support you in your pursuit of health and recovery.
Interested in learning more about recovery topics and joining a support group? Check out our website to learn more:
As trauma-informed providers, we create safe spaces for people to explore their relationship to food & their bodies. A former client writes "You have never once made me feel shame, embarrassment, or judgment. You just make me feel safe - our personal connection, the language you use around food, and even bringing playfulness into a place that felt so heavy."
We specialize in digestive issues, disordered eating, and nutrition for trauma healing. But really, our goal is to connect with you as a person. You are so much more than your body, weight, or diagnosis. All of you is welcome here - your pain and frustration, your intersecting identities, and everything you think is "too much". 
LGBTQIA & trans-informed provider.

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