Side by Side Nutrition

At Side By Side Nutrition, we believe in a weight-inclusive approach that focuses on behaviors, not weight or numbers, as the key to lasting health. We’re here to help clients discover their value & worth beyond food, body, and the scale, so they can find health and wellness from a place of intuition versus external validation. By uncovering the food fears and body obsession that hold people back, our clients learn to find strength from their vulnerabilities and change their perspective of “fear & shame” to love and acceptance. Together, we dismantle the food and body shame, identify triggers leading to self-doubt and inadequacy, and relearn how to have a trusting relationship with food and body in order to give space to what they truly value. We all have the answers within ourselves, and each of us has the innate wisdom to reconnect with who we are.

Side By Side is committed to social justice, anti-racism, and antiopression work. We are dedicated to providing services that are accessible, inclusive, and free of stigma. We celebrate and affirm all backgrounds and identities and strive to provide a brave space for our clinicians and clients.

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8120 Sheridan Blvd suite c 315, Arvada, CO, USA

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