The Yellow House Project

Combining years of experience, highly-developed intuition, and a deep level of understanding, our team helps people overcome eating disorders through personalized nutrition counseling and occupational therapy. We believe that all eating disorders are deserving of equal support and attention. We work through a trauma-informed lens and believe that your relationship to food mirrors your relationships in life. We aim to provide a safe space free from shame.

Taking a Creative Approach

  • Virtual and in-person nutrition and occupational therapy
  • Treating Atypical Anorexia, Binge Eating, ARFID, Bulimia, Anorexia, and other forms of disordered eating
  • Offering Medical Nutrition Therapy for non-disordered eating diagnoses such as heart disease
  • Support between sessions
  • Family Based Therapy and Education
  • Building Recovery Community through "Fun Fridays"-cooking classes, movie days, and Expressive Arts
  • Exposure Therapy through grocery support, cooking and meal experiences
  • Personalized Meal plans based on individual preferences
  • Peer support
  • In-home kitchen assessments
  • Close team work, supervision, and collaboration

We are contracted with the following insurance plans:

CenCal, Medicare, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, CCPN and can offer scholarships for those in need.

Main Location

2598 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA, USA

Contact Information

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