Whole Self Nutrition, LLC.

Clients come to Whole Self Nutrition, LLC, struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating or with a desire to learn how to develop healthy relationships to food, body and movement. I counsel clients, write articles, present webinars and teach online yoga classes, all with the same intention: to help people find freedom, peace and empowerment around food and in their bodies.


Online Nutrition Therapy & Coaching for eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, metabolic concerns:

Depending on clients’ needs, I provide nutrition therapy (both individual & family-based), fluid meal planning, nutrition education, meal- and snack-time support, intuitive eating and exercise tools, nutrition tracking, as well as self-care tools clients can use for the rest of their lives. I also provide the option to incorporate yoga, breathing and other meditation and mindfulness techniques  as valuable tools to help each client get and stay connected to his/her best teacher and nutritionist — their own body. My intention is to compassionately support my clients in finding freedom from food & body issues, so they can live full and vibrant lives, aligned with their true core values. I provide my clients self-care tools and nutrition guidance to help them fully trust their bodies, and uncover their intuitive abilities to nourish themselves for the rest of their lives — in a sustainable and joyful way.

Online Yoga:

I offer 3 different ways to practice together - private group classes, private individual classes & group public classes.

Media Services:

Cut through the clutter & chaos of nutrition & wellness information. Get science-based, compassionate & relatable nutrition & wellness advice from a reliable source. Through multiple media services, including webinar creation and delivery and freelance article writing, I deliver evidence-based nutrition and wellness information to my readers and attendees in a consumer-friendly way. I love to collaborate with like-minded brands to promote products I stand behind through website content, social media promotion, product consulting or public speaking.

Main Location

1266 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, USA

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