Woven Nutrition

Our relationships with food and our bodies are personal, nuanced, and complex. We believe these relationships are woven together and shaped by our identities, lived experiences, and relationships with other people. If you are seeking support or healing in your relationship with food and body, we are eager to hear your story and support you in your journey.
At Woven Nutrition, we practice from a weight-inclusive lens and believe that all foods benefit our bodies in various ways. We support clients in developing a more peaceful relationship with food, body, and movement. We use the Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating frameworks to guide our work and offer compassionate nutrition counseling individualized to your needs and goals.
We provide virtual nutrition counseling services in Washington State for anyone 18+ years. Our primary areas of focus include: recovery from chronic dieting or disordered eating, food or body image concerns, intuitive eating, intuitive movement, sports nutrition guidance, management of chronic health conditions, and general nutrition counseling.

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522 W Riverside Ave suite 4856, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

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