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It is our mission to be part of a positive shift in dietetics toward an understanding and compassionate model of care. We are not happy with the judgment and guilt that too many people feel about what they eat or how they feed their families. There can be so much fear, confusion, and uncertainty about healthy eating.  We aim to help you find your answers, to empower you to feel confident and relaxed about food, while you feed yourself and your family.

Too many people have seen dietitians come away feeling judged, treated like a child, or just “told what not to eat”. This doesn’t help people make positive improvements to their health and is not what we are about. At Choose Nutrition we use the “Non-diet Approach” to nutrition which falls within the Health at Every Size (HAES®) paradigm. HAES® is an evidence-based approach to health improvement based on principles of respect, compassionate self-care, and critical awareness. Utilizing this framework and a client-centered care model, our approach aims to empower you to make permanent positive change and support you with compassionate care throughout the whole process.

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