Eliza Heberlein, RDN, LLC

I currently practice as an anti-diet dietitian, with a strong foundation in the  HAES (R) principles, providing trauma-informed nutrition therapy with my clients. Having worked in inpatient, PHP/IOP, and outpatient settings, I have had the privilege of working with people who are healing from their eating disorders at all levels of acuity,  all age groups, and genders. I use my love of learning and curiosity to continuously explore new opportunities for growth and understanding so that I can build my professional toolbox and provide support and guidance to those that I work with. I feel strongly about the importance of using the structure of a multidisciplinary team when working with those in recovery from eating disorders, and I highly value the opportunity to learn and grow through interactions with other professionals in the field.  I truly love what I do, and I feel so lucky to be able to sit with and support some of the strongest, most incredibly humans as they do incredibly difficult things on a daily basis.

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307 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ, USA

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