LNZ Nutrition LLC

I am a Registered Dietitian and a busy mom to two toddler boys and a puppy. After working in many areas in the nutrition field, I found my true passions; working with pediatric food allergies/food allergic disorders/food intolerances, weight management, sports nutrition, picky eating, pre/post natal nutrition and disordered eating. I work with kids through adults to help them form a healthy relationship with food.

I work with my patients to teach them that healthy eating should not be stressful or challenging. My definition of healthy eating is not skipping dessert or avoiding your favorite foods, but simply making healthier decisions and portion control.

A few things that I do in my practice:

  • Work with families to help them develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Work with young athletes to help them maximize performance with diet
  • Teach children with food allergies/intolerances what foods to avoid and how to plan a diet that includes needed nutrients
  • Work with families that have meal time stress to make meal times enjoyable
  • Help expectant mothers conquer the challenges of eating during pregnancy

There is a lot of contradicting information about nutrition. I am here to help you navigate the science and simplify the information. Let LNZ nutrition make healthy eating part of your every day life!

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3 Driftwood Drive, Port Washington, NY, USA

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