Nourished & Strong: Taryn Cullen, MPH RD LDN

Taryn has been at Nourished & Strong for three years with major focuses in food relationships and the overlap of athletes and those with eating disorders. She has worked with athletes of all levels - from high schoolers trying to improve their performance to professionals trying to maintain theirs, and everyone in-between. Her aim is to help people re-connect with their bodies and their needs to create a more compassionate and confident human experience.


Nourished + Strong is an anti-diet practice founded by Meg Carber, RD LDN CNSC. Our aim is to help clients discover clarity in the often confusing nutrition space. Through support and education using our unique five-pillar approach, our clients can expect to feel empowered – both with their food choices and mindset in general.

Meg Carber, RD, founded Nourished + Strong to offer compassionate, non-diet nutrition counseling with specialized guidance for eating disorder recovery and sports performance. Nourished + Strong is a full-service nutrition counseling practice in Huntersville (NC) with virtual services accessible for clients around the world.

Our five pillars:

  • Body awareness, respect & trust
  • Nutrition & hydration
  • Intuitive movement
  • Stress, self-care & mindset
  • Quality sleep & energy

Our specialties:

  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Intuitive & mindful eating
  • Nutrition for athletes of all levels
  • Non-diet medical nutrition therapy
  • Specialized testing, including metabolism, hormone and micronutrient
  • Group courses & masterclasses

Main Location

14509 S Old Statesville Rd suite 104, Huntersville, NC 28078, USA

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