Nourish dietitians provide a behavioral health approach to nutritional care that treats chronic conditions through a combination of patient education and nutrition therapy. This personalized nutritional counseling drives behavior change and new, sustainable habits. This non-diet, weight-inclusive approach helps patients improve their relationship with food and stop dieting for good.

Pillars of Care

  1. Evidence-based
    1. We believe in providing quality care based on the latest clinical research. We track our quality of care deliberately to ensure we deliver improved health outcomes.
  2. Sustainable
    1. We are focused on creating sustainable behavior change for the long-term, not quick fixes.
  3. Personalized
    1. We understand that each person is unique and therefore requires individualized care that is tailored to their needs. No one-size-fits-all fad diets or cookie-cutter meal plans here!
  4. Caring and collaborative
    1. We approach care collaboratively with our patients and their care team. We practice empathetic counseling that respects and appreciates all patients’ unique lived experiences. We take pride in creating a safe, inclusive environment for patients to share, learn, and foster self-compassion.

Main Location

3724 Jefferson Street, Austin, TX, USA

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