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Foundation Series

Core Skills: Eating Disorders 101


For Dietitians, Nutritionists, Students & Interns

FBT Informed Nutrition Counseling V 2.0

This course will provide dietitians with a complete and comprehensive understanding of what Family Based Treatment (FBT) is and how RDNs can utilize FBT in their work with treating adolescents with eating disorders

Sports Nutrition Eating Disorders for Dietitians

This Symposium brings together 13 speakers who will cover the latest research and best practices to help you support every athlete who looks to you for guidance.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

A Course for Dietitians
A deep dive into Binge Eating Disorder (BED) treatment in the nutrition counseling setting. First course developed for dietitians to provide thorough, inclusive treatment.

Hormone Health and Eating Disorders

An exploration of some of the many hormones and systems impacted by eating disorders, stress, weight stigma, thyroid health and aging

DBT Plus: A Training for Eating Disorder Dietitians

This course offers transformative insights for ethical and effective support in working with clients, particularly those with eating disorders and co-occurring Borderline Personality Disorder.