Member Spotlight: Nina Mills, APD

 We are thrilled to have a group that allows for connection and collaboration with professionals around the world! Introducing you today to Nina Mills, APD located in Melbourne, Australia. She is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.  You can connect with Nina on Instagram @feelgoodeating, Facebook and Twitter @feelgoodeats – or head straight to her website

Where do you work? I am self-employed and work in my private practice Feel Good Eating as well as a nutrition consultant and food photographer. In my private practice I work with clients along the spectrum of chronic dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Broadly, I enjoy the autonomy, flexibility and variety in what I do, but more specifically with my private practice work, I enjoy those lightbulb moments where my clients make a connection or pick holes in unhelpful behaviours and all of a sudden, their whole outlook changes.

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Member Spotlight: Linda Tucker, Certified Health Coach and Intuitive Eating Counselor

 EDRDpro is pleased to introduce you to Linda Tucker!

Although our continuing education and professional support is primarily geared toward registered dietitians, as a group we welcome all types of providers to join and learn from our expert speakers. Linda is a health coach and intuitive eating counselor who brings a great deal of value to our group!


Where can we find you on social media?  

Facebook: Linda Tucker Coaching 

Instagram: @LindaTuckerCoaching

Where do you work?

I work for myself, from my home, mostly via phone and email (a few clients prefer Skype or are overseas so I use Skype because it’s free). Working via phone has been such an unexpected blessing. I started my business virtually because we were moving around so much at the time, and it stuck. I find people are very open and forthcoming and it makes scheduling a breeze. I am also able to keep the cost very low which affords care to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. I just got my first two clients in Portland since we moved here last July and I am thrilled to have that “in-person energy” in my life again.

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Member Spotlight: Megan Neiman, RDN, LDN

 EDRDpro values our community and we know each and every one of our members is helping to change lives of people suffering from disordered eating. For our third Member Spotlight, we get to meet Megan Neiman, RDN, LDN! Here’s a little more about Megan:


Read Megan’s recent guest post on our blog and on Medium! Don’t let weight stigma and body shaming suck you in to diet culture



Where can we find you on social media?

Twitter: @megneiman  Instagram: @megneiman_rd

Where do you work?

My private practice consists of eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, BED, Night Eating Syndrome. and disordered eating and orthorexia. I also work with clients suffering with digestive issues and PCOS.  I am the sole dietitian within a group counseling practice, located in Pittsburgh, PA.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Living in a diet culture and fat phobic society, I enjoy helping my clients transform their unhealthy connection with food and their bodies. It is gratifying to see my clients develop a positive relationship with food and body image, and ultimately change their lives.

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Don’t let weight stigma and body shaming suck you into the diet culture

Guest post by EDRDpro Member Megan Neiman, RDN, LDN

Bullying and Eating Disorders

The harmful effects of bullying have received increased attention in recent years. So, how exactly can bullying play into the development of an eating disorder? We know for sure that bullying can increase anxiety, depression, and social isolation. This leads to ongoing feelings of shame, low self-esteem and poor body image which is shown to directly contribute to the development of eating disorders. According to NEDA as many as 65% of people with eating disorders say bullying contributed to their condition.

For me, It all started in 7th grade. The year seemed promising. I was in the popular clique, with tons of friends — both boys and girls. Our group of girls behaved in the typical ‘’mean girls’’ manor as depicted in the media. A few months into the school year everything changed. It took one act of jealousy by one of my mean girlfriends and instantly I became an outcast. As dramatic as this may sound, I had no concept that this bullying experience would have devastating effects on my psychological and physical well being.

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Member Spotlight: Lisa Pearl, MS, RDN, CEDRD, CEDS

 Our latest Member Spotlight is on Lisa Pearl, MS, RDN, CEDRD, CEDS.


Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: Counseling and Nutrition Center 360 or CNC360   Twitter: @mindfulnuts  Instagram: @mindfulnuts

What is your profession? 

I am a nutrition therapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. I have been practicing HAES, mindfulness, and intuitive eating since 1984. My credentials include MS, RDN, CEDRD, CEDS, as well as graduate certificates from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in coaching and movement therapy. I am the co-director of a new internship and graduate program at Simmons College in Boston to train dietitians (and eventually social workers) in the treatment of eating disorders. I am also a black belt teacher in the mindful movement practice called Nia.

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Member Spotlight: Meghan Cichy, RDN, CEDRD, CSP

 EDRDpro is beaming with gratitude and awe at the amazing work our members are doing day in and day out to help people. This work comes down to helping others reclaim life and well-being, while also breaking down systemic and cultural norms that feed diet culture. We will be continuously highlighting our members by posting Member Spotlight interviews! Welcome to the first of our member spotlights, Meghan Cichy, RDN, CEDRD, CSP!


Where can we find you on social media?   Instagram: @CreatingPeaceWithFood

 Tell us where you work?

I work at Creating Peace with Food which is a group of 6 dietitians who all work from a Health at Every Size perspective to provide outpatient nutrition counseling. We see all different kinds of clients but tend to work most with clients with eating disorders and with family nutrition clients.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love the autonomy of being in private practice from a business perspective. And I love being able to work with clients long term. I love being able to be with my clients as they work to dismantle the hold of diet culture and start to reshape living a value driven life.

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There’s Room for You Here

Guest post by Stephanie Johnson

To live in a body free of shame. To live in a body that is free to love, free to live, free to eat and be happy and angry and sad and anything that might fall in between; to have the freedom to be, and exist as you are.

As a child, I was told that I could be anything I wanted to be. I was encouraged to imagine my greatest dreams and to follow them. But somewhere along the line that dream narrowed down to one thing: to be thin. To be so thin that nothing else mattered. To be so thin that everyone would praise me for it. To be so thin that I would no longer have needs. To be so thin that I would finally be the best. Society tells us, particularly women, that in order to be beautiful and successful and noticed we need to be thin, or at least striving with every fiber in our bodies towards the thin ideal and berating ourselves when we haven’t yet attained it. Diet culture is rampant, spreading like a deleterious virus throughout the world of women and men, young and old, wealthy and poor, needy and privileged; diets do not discriminate against whom they target. And in the same way, eating disorders do not discriminate against whom they attack.

It is important to recognize the differences between repetitive dieting and disordered eating versus a diagnosed eating disorder, but the effects are quite similar: a life of deprivation, emotional longing, and a deep dissatisfaction and hatred of one’s own body. In both cases there is often a thought that one more diet, five more pounds, one more hour of exercise – that will be the cure-all, that will be the solution, that will make everything better. It is so seductive, so alluring, and nearly impossible to convince ourselves otherwise when we have the media and our eating disorder voices cooing these messages over and over again in our ears. How do we not listen when the solution is so nicely presented as “lose the weight and life will be perfect”? How do we not jump on the wagon when family members compare diet and exercise plans at holiday parties? What does it mean to adopt a life that actually embraces and values our hunger?

For too long we have gotten the message that we, as women, are too much in this world. Our bodies are too much, our emotions are too much, our voices are too much, our needs are too much. And to quiet this, we must restrict ourselves to the point where we either waste away or binge in secret because it is too shameful to reveal our hunger and desire to anyone else.

I now work with women with eating disorders who come to treatment each day bearing the mental and physical pain and pressure from the world that has brought this deathly disease upon them. They blame themselves for their struggles, attempt to hold their bodies hostage with words and deeds that continue the cycle of deprivation and punishment, and toil through emotional anguish as thoughts, feelings, and urges arise that previously were never allowed to be. I feel for these women. I know what it is like to be in that space, to occupy a body that seems to be changing, morphing, betraying you at every second; defying your once-perfect system that kept everything in check. The system that held back feelings, that dictated food rules, that isolated you from others and made you feel safe – because dieting and eating disorders are safe. They follow the rules, they draw inside the lines, they’re not messy or loud, and they certainly don’t draw attention… Right?

No, let’s think again.

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“This is Normal” and other Myths about Disordered Eating

We are myth busting today with one of our members, Ashleigh Partin! Ashleigh is a Registered Dietitian and owner of her private practice, Ashleigh Partin Nutrition, where she specializes in nutrition counseling for eating disorders and disordered eating. We love how proudly she denounces all things diet, and works with clients to relearn how to use their bodies’ internal cues to guide their eating.

And now, let’s hear what Ashleigh has to say about some of the most common myths about disordered eating:

MYTH #1: I am not sick/thin/small enough to deserve help.

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Uncovering Where Medical Nutrition Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and HAES®️ Collide

This guest post was written by Lauren Newman. Follow Lauren on instagram @gofeedyourself_

As a dietetic intern and HAES (Health at Every Size®) advocate, I’m in an usual position: I’ve spent the past several years learning from a weight-normative paradigm in classes, while simultaneously educating myself on a weight-inclusive one on my own time. Despite the rigor and highly respected education my program provides, this curriculum—like most—offers zero education on topics such as Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, and weight stigma. I often felt as if I was learning in two separate worlds: none of my MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) classes addressed these important issues, and none of my mentors in the HAES community were practicing in a clinical setting. For a long time, I incorrectly assumed that these two worlds didn’t fit together. I knew of no one who was doing it and heard countless stories of RDs ditching their clinical jobs once they discovered IE (Intuitive Eating) and HAES. This was disappointing because I genuinely find Medical Nutrition Therapy and critical care exciting!  [Read more…] about Uncovering Where Medical Nutrition Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and HAES®️ Collide

A Letter To My New Grad Self…

This guest post was written and submitted by EDRDpro Member Sarah Peck. Learn more about how to connect with Sarah, below.

Well you have finally graduated and can call yourself a dietitian. When you started studying, your only certainty was that you genuinely wanted to help people, now you are filled with knowledge and skills to take on the nutrition world. You feel important, not in an arrogant way, but dietitians are considered the experts on all things nutrition. You don’t come out of 4 years of intense study to not know the answers or where to find them……. right?

You will find a job in private practice which suits you well. You like to be able to spend more time with people. Weight loss counselling seems appropriate for you. If you are honest, it fulfils your need to help and fix. People are looking for the answers to fix their bodies, and they will come to you to find those answers. You are also very much a people pleaser, so meeting client’s expectations is important to you.

Your clients are successful at first, you will feel good at your job, but after a while, your clients are struggling to stick to the advice and plan you gave them. You try harder to understand the complexities and individual circumstances which drive their food choices, you will work tirelessly to come up with many different ways they can make this work. Yet still after a few sessions clients are coming back saying they have failed, or worse yet they don’t come back at all, all too ashamed to admit they have failed again. In their mind, it is one thing to fail a generic or fad diet but the feelings of failure are magnified when they can’t be successful with the advice and support from a dietitian, an expert in the field, which is tailored to their own individual needs and circumstances.

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