Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians & Professionals

Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians and Professionals (EDRD Pro) was created in 2016 to offer dietitians, nutritionists, and students around the world a convenient and accessible platform for online training and education. We are built upon the value of practicing from a weight-inclusive approach to treating eating disorders. Our education content offers CE Credits for Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists. Beyond the CE credits, we are grounded by our common and shared values and mission to improve the lives of individuals impacted by eating disorders. You can read more about our organization’s values and vision below. This community strives to be welcoming and open to all health care professionals and professionals-in-training who have a desire to hear from speakers on topics related to awareness, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders, as well as the systems and structures that influence how individuals and communities experience and access food and eating, bodies and embodiment, and healthcare.

Our Location and Land Acknowledgement

EDRD Pro is based outside of Portland, Oregon, USA, on land that is the traditional homelands of Kalapuya, Atfalati, and Ahantchuyuk native peoples. We pay respects to these original dwellers and their ancestors and acknowledge their deep history with the land and its meaning. We encourage you to seek information about colonialism and territory awareness.


To improve the lives of people impacted by eating disorders by empowering eating disorder professionals and students around the world with community connection and cutting-edge, anti-oppression based knowledge and training.


The EDRD Pro Community envisions a future world where health care providers and the public are informed on the benefits of living in partnership with food as a resource for both nourishment and pleasure. We see a dietetics field that prioritizes compassion with and for our bodies and a field that is well-informed of the harm associated with reproducing and reinforcing stigma and stereotypes about eating disorders and weight. We envision the future of the eating disorders field as a field that strives to offer equitable and accessible treatment for all people – regardless of race, economic status, gender, age, ability, or size – who are suffering with eating disorders. We envision public health programs, the medical and nutrition fields, and educators who will adopt a new understanding of the harm of weight stigma and dieting, and work toward building messaging and ethical healthcare that truly strives to support people in their here-and-now bodies.


We value an ongoing commitment to challenge stereotypes, assumptions and internal biases, knowing and understanding that real change takes time, is a process, and is not a destination. We value seeing eating disorder awareness, prevention and treatment as social justice issues – and include anti-oppression and fat-positive learning and unlearning as core to our programs. We value a growth mindset, vulnerability, community connection, accessibility, empathy, and nonconformity.

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