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Adults with ARFID by Lauren Muhlheim

Olympian Simone Manuel was diagnosed with overtraining syndrome. Could my child athlete have that? | Expert Opinion by Bradley Smith

Professional Dancers Advocating for Body Inclusivity by Valentina Valentini

Eating disorders and energy deficiency: athletes straddle fine line in pursuit of goals by Clare Watson

​​U.S. Figure Skating, It’s Time to Say No to Noom by Taylor Kennedy

Female Athletes Need to See Puberty as a Power, Not a Weakness by Alexi Pappas

Lauren Fleshman’s Feminist Approach to Coaching by Michelle Hamilton

Compulsive Exercise a Challenge for Some Men During Covid-19 Pandemic by Haley Hernandez

It’s Time to Do Something About Our Country’s Body Image Problem | Women’s Running Special Report

For young female athletes, losing weight may not improve performance by Lucy Hicks

The Recovery I Needed by Amelia Boone

Eating Disorder Tool for Athletes May Lead to Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment by Laura Probyn

The Athletes Starving Themselves for Success by Ben Robinson

From Bulimia to Berlin: How one runner beat his eating disorder by Georgia Scarr

British Teen Phenom Bobby Clay Reveals How She Got Osteoporosis At Age 20 by Johanna Gretschel

Why Are Male Athletes at Risk for Eating Disorders? by Paula Quatromoni

The Inextricable Tie Between Eating Disorders and Endurance Athletes by Nora Caplan-Bricker

6 Signs Your Gym Habit Could Be An Eating Disorder In Disguise by Anne Machalinski

It Cannot Be Ignored: Runners spread awareness about eating disorders in their sport by Kelyn Soong

Mariner Abruptly Retires to Help People with Eating Disorders

A new study puts a massive price tag on America’s toxic beauty standards by S. Bryn Austin

A Harvard study found unrealistic beauty ideals cost the US economy $800 billion a year. Here’s how. by Anna Medaris

Society’s Beauty Standards Are Costing Us Billions of Dollars by Dianna Mazzone

Dove funds new report showing beauty standards are a public health crisis by Sara Spruch-Feiner

Jonah Hill, male body image and the conversation that needs to be had by Evan Ross Katz

Here’s How to Talk Yourself Down From a Bad Body Image Day by Iris Goldsztajn

What It Feels Like To Mourn Your Ideal Body by Addy Baird

It’s Time for a Culture of Consent around Body Talk by Your Fat Friend

10 “Will Powers” for Improving Body Image by Michael Levine and Linda Smolak

5 People Who Can Help You Love Your Body by Emma Pattee

One in Seven Adults Have ‘Suicidal’ Thoughts about Body Image

How Parents Can Build Healthy Food Habits and Body Image in Kids by Ginny Jones

How to Help Girls Feel Beautiful as Themselves by Nancy Gruver

The Tragedy of Body Shame in Women over 50 by Nicole Christina

Poor body image makes girls less assertive and risks health, study finds by Haroon Siddique

Expert resources for parents and mentors to help raise young people’s self-esteem

Negative Body Image and ‘The Red Car Syndrome’ by Jennifer Rollin

But I Don’t Want to Accept This Body…A Shoe Story by Anna Sweeney

Celebrating Body Diversity Among Students – And Teachers Too! by Kimberly Dark

Rippon’s body image comments highlight hidden struggle among gay men by John Paul Brammer

You Don’t Have to Love Your Body by Ijeoma Oluo

How to Talk about Body Image Issues When You’re Not Fat by Dawy Rkasnuam

This One Passage from Lindy West’s Memoir Transformed How I See My Body by Sadi Trombetta

A pro-fat camp for women? Sign me up. by Jackie Molloy

​​I’m Fat And I Just Wore My First Bathing Suit In 3 Decades by Juliet James

The Inner Peace That Comes With Ditching Your “Skinny” Clothes by Sophie Hanson

​​​​Such a pretty face by Aubrey Gordon

Self-Love Without Social Change Ain’t It | The Curvy Fashionista

How Managers Can Support Employees with Chronic Illnesses by Alyson Meister and Victoria Woolfrey

Why I’m Rejecting My Usual #BodyGoals Resolutions in 2021 by Aubree Nichols

11 Honoré Founder: I’m Not Here To ‘Crush It.’ I’m Here To Build A Sustainable Business For Plus-Size Customers by Virgie Tovar

I’m A Plus-Size, Iranian-American Actress, But I Don’t Want That To Be My Headline by Natasha Behnam

So, You Got Fat: 8 Steps Towards Body Liberation by Rachael Hope

My Journey Toward Radical Body Positivity by Matt McGorry

Why I’ve Chosen Body Liberation Over Body Love by Jes Baker

Love at Every Size: Healthy, Happy, and at Home in your Body by Jen Ponton

My Wedding Was Perfect and I was Fat as Hell the Whole Time by Lindy West

Can Gen X Women Love Their Bodies? by Amy Keller Laird

What Is Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness and Why Should we Consider it? by Rebecca Johnson

Confronting and Crushing Weight-Gain Anxiety by Briana Hernandez

10 Tips for Radically Loving Your Body (Disabled or Otherwise) by Taylor Carmen

Body Liberation is Not about Eating Donuts by Maria Paredes

Making Peace with My Body Meant Saying Goodbye to High Heels by Anna Sweeney

Lizzo criticized body positivity. Here’s what you need to know about body neutrality. by Sara Moniuszko

​​How We Show It: Bodies by Virginia Sole-Smith

The Truth About Body-Positive Activists on Social Media by Ginelle Testa

The Blatant Ableism In The Body Positivity & Fat Positivity Movement by Katie Cloyd

Body Positivity: Overcoming Body Shame by Rebecca Scritchfield

​​Why Are Women of Colour Left Out Of Body Positivity? by Stephanie Yeboah

These are the 30 Best Body Positive Books You Can Read by Kelly Jensen

How Whiteness Killed the Body Positive Movement by Kelsey Miller

Body Positivity Has Lost All Meaning in 2020 by Marie Southard Ospina

Why You Should Trade Body Positivity for Fat Acceptance by Prapti Sarkar

Body Positivity is a Scam by Amanda Mull

50 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow by Mallory Creveling

How to Feel Normal When the World Says You’re Too Big by Virgie Tovar

Why I’m At Peace With My Weight Gain by Ginelle Testa

The Body Positivity Movement Isn’t for Me, So I’ll be Seeking Fat Acceptance Elsewhere by Katie Greenall

Work Redux | Bodies by Jamie Schumacher

Body-Positive Blogger Dubbed ‘Plus-Size Ken’ Aims to Help Men Accept Their Bodies as They Are by Brian Skellenger

Ask Bodyposipanda: How do I deal with people saying I’ve ‘let myself go’ since finding body positivity? by Megan Jayne Crabbe

Books that Teach Body Positivity to Your Kids by Isabelle Khoo

13 easy ways to help yourself actually live body positivity by Arielle Tschinkel

Best Body Positive Instagram Accounts by Meredith Noble

Six Queer BIPOC Voices in the Body Positive Movement by Donyae Coles

​​‘Healthy eating’ curriculum can do more harm than good by Oona Hanson

Should You Let Your Teen Become a Vegetarian? by Katie Grubiak and Lauren Muhlheim

7 Steps For When A Kid Asks, “Am I Fat?” by Virgie Tovar

New study warns young children may be susceptible to eating disorders by Yi-Jin Yu

​​​What Not to Say to Kids About Food and Body Image by Rachel Uda

What to Expect When Your Child has an Eating Disorder by Judy Krasna

Want More Body Positive Kid’s Books? Start Doing Better By Fat Characters, Says Children’s Book Illustrator by Phoebe Wahl

As a fat kid, my deepest wounds came from words my mother said by Lisa Fipps

​​​10 Tips to Help Your Kids be Happy, Healthy and Body Empowered! by Gillian Goerzen

What happens when a child’s teacher is the lunch box police? by Kelly Fullerton

Stop talking about your dieting in front of children, experts warn, as eating disorders rise by Jacqui Street

Should You Worry About Your Kid’s Pandemic Weight Gain? by Virginia Sole-Smith

School warnings about children’s weight don’t work, study says by Sandee LaMotte

To Parents of Kids with Eating Disorders (Especially Those Who Don’t Fit the Stereotype) by Rachel Millner

Help! My kid has been sent home with a serve of diet culture; Your guide to keeping your sh*t together AND taking effective action by Fiona Sutherland

​​NoYour Child is Not Addicted to Sugar by Leslie Schilling

A School Nutrition Lesson: The Edible Parts of a Plant by Anna Lutz

Optimizing Healthy Eating Habits in the Classroom by Elisheva Dorfman and Dina Cohen

Are School Health Lessons Harming Kids? by Leslie Schilling

F.E.A.S.T. Position Statement on Weight Watchers Kurbo App

Raising Competent Eaters: Food Neutrality by Jamie Lee, RDN, LD

What Happens When You Put a Kid on A Diet? by Rachel Millner, Psy.D, CEDS-S, CBTP

Please Don’t Teach My Kids to Diet: 5 Resources to Give Teachers and Schools by Anna Lutz

Let’s Talk About Halloween Candy by Dana Sturtevant and Hilary Kinavey

Banning soda, sugary cereal or ice cream for your kids may not be the best strategy by Casey Seidenberg

Weight Watchers Offering Free Memberships to Teens (AKA Future Of Yo-Yo Dieting) by Joni Edelman

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem. by Rebecca Scritchfield

The Trouble with Food Policing in Schools by Leslie Schilling

An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Camp Counselor by Anna Lutz

An Alternative to a Proposed Guideline Suggesting Weight Loss for Kids by Rebecca Scritchfield

An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver by Laura Thomas, Sarah Dempster, Helen West and Rosie Saunt

Let’s smash school weigh-ins and teach kids body positivity instead by McCall Dempsey

How to Make Kids Comfortable in Their Own Bodies by Melinda Wenner Moyer

5 Ways Parents of Preschoolers Can Raise a Body-Positive Kid by Sierra Filucci

How to Talk to your Daughter about her Body by Sarah Koppelkam

Your Adolescent Daughter Doesn’t Have a Weight Problem. She’s Going Through Puberty by Maryann Jacobsen

‘Diet Culture’ Isn’t Just About Smoothies and Food-Tracking Apps by Christine Byrne

Why Do We Still Pretend Diets Work? by Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Health Experts Explain the Hidden Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting by Marisa Cohen

There’s No Such Thing as an Empty Calorie by Christine Bryne​

Keep the diet industry from feeding on teenagers’ fears by Thomas B. Hildebrandt and S. Bryn Austin

The Truth About That New Diet Drug by Christy Harrison

This Is What You’re Telling Your Fat Friends When You Succumb To Diet Culture by Katie Cloyd

Thanks for all the dietary advice. Don’t expect me to pay attention to any of it by Jay Rayner

Let’s Reject Diet Culture This New Year by Dalia Kinsey

Why This Dietitian Doesn’t Believe In The Word ‘Overeating’ by Katherine Metzelaar

Aubrey Gordon, the writer behind ‘Your Fat Friend,’ has some thoughts on diets, BMI and the relentless advice of strangers by Dawn Fallik

The Unbearable Weight of Diet Culture by Jessica Teich

Why people are expected to lose weight in the new year, and why many still want to by Kerry Justich

I’m Not Buying into Diet Culture This New Year – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either by Lisette Hoschek

The Hidden (Emotional) Harm of Dieting by Ragen Chastain

Today’s Teens More Likely to Diet Compared to Past Generations, Study Shows by Cara Rosenbloom

No, Sugar Isn’t the New Heroin by Traci Mann

We’ll Never Achieve True Wellness if We’re All Too Hungry to Get the Job Done by Laura Thomas

Rethinking Food Addiction by Mikalina Kirkpatrick with Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant

Emotional Eating and the Sweet Spot of Discomfort by Vania Phitidis

Think You Have A Sugar Addiction? Here’s Why Cutting Out Sugar Might Actually Backfire by Laura Thomas

Eating Toward Immortality: Diet culture is just another way of dealing with the fear of death by Michelle Allison

The not-so-obvious problem with dieting by Melissa Toler

Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet by Sandra Aamodt

A Handy Guide to the Toxic Language of Diet Culture by Rosie Spinks, Annaliese Griffin, and Indrani Sen

4 Approaches Proven to Treat Eating Disorders in Adults by Randy Smith

Addressing Eating Disorders Early is Crucial. Primary Care is a Missing Link. by Anna Bagley, Samantha Turner, Jennifer Mautone, and Alix Timko

​Sleep and Eating Disorders | within health

Her Virtual Platform Provides At-Home Treatment for Eating Disorders by Victoria Flexner

The Overlap Between Eating Disorders and Gastrointestinal Disorders by Theresa Hedrick

Why I’m speaking openly about my experience with an eating disorder by Jessica Horner

6 Ways To Create An Eating Disorder Informed Workplace by Virgie Tovar

​​​​​​​​Eating Disorders During the College Years by Michael French

Why Wouldn’t Your Nutritionist Have An Eating Disorder? by Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Invisible Women: Eating Disorders at Midlife by Margo Maine

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Need to Improve Eating Disorder Assessment Tools by Sonakshi Negi, Neha Goel, and Erik Benau

No one should be dying from an eating disorder in 2021 by Hope Virgo

Shared Genetic Risk of Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders by Melissa A. Munn-Chernoff

How Food Insecurity and Eating Disorders are Connected by Patrilie Hernandez

Emerging Adulthood: A Time When Treatment is Less Available, Eating Disorders Review by Eating Disorders Review

Awareness of Eating Disorders in Human Trafficking Vitctims by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Eating disorders cost US $65 billion a year: Here’s what agencies can do by Bryn Austin, Christine Peat, and Cynthia Bulik

Veganism and eating disorders: Is there a link? by Carrie Dennett

Opinion: It’s time we act to prevent eating disorders by Alvin Tran

Ask a Fat Girl: Eating Disorders Happen at Any Size by Charlotte Zoller

How the healthcare system is failing people with eating disorders by Pamela Keel

Gut Instinct: Eating Disorders are Early Developmental Trauma by Kathleen Love

Eating disorders: Over-65s unable to access some clinics by Meghan Owen and Anna Adams

I’m Giving My Eating Disorder Away by Sam Dylan Finch

GI Disorders + Food Fears by Kate Scarlata

The Future of Genetic Research on Eating Disorders by Cynthia Bulik

Is Your Child’s Target Weight a Gift to the Eating Disorder? by Eva Musby

I Interviewed My Parents About My Eating Disorder by Brittany Ladin

How Eating Disorders Can Affect Anyone

Eating Disorders Can Mask Autism in Girls by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Creating Accessible Yoga Spaces for People with Eating Disorders by Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Poly-substance Abuse and Eating Disorders in College Students by Crystal Karges

The Overlooked Crisis of Eating Disorders Among Middle Aged Women by Carrie Dennett

Here are 3 Ways Sexual Objectification and Eating Disorders Interact by Melissa A. Fabello

Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You for Saving My Life by Kinsey Ouellette

More Older Women are Struggling with Eating Disorders. Here are the Warning Signs by Kristen Sturt

Living in Secrecy: My 20 Year Eating Disorder Battle by Shira Rose

4 Stereotypes about Eating Disorder and Gender that Need to Go by Melissa A. Fabello

Extreme fasting: how Silicon Valley is rebranding eating disorders by Arwa Mahdawi

Battling My Body: Being Queer with an Eating Disorder by Laura Bullard

The Stigma is Real: Self-blame and explanations for eating disorders by Andrea

I preached body positivity – and sunk deeper into my eating disorder at the same time by Sam Dylan Finch

The World’s Deadliest Psychiatric Disorder by Emily Kate

America is Utterly Failing People of Color with Eating Disorders by Angela Garbes

What is Night Eating Syndrome? Signs, symptoms and treatment of the condition by Lauren Mulheim

Warning: Looking and Lamenting may be Lethal by Sandra Wartski

Hope is Essential When Working with People Who Have “Chronic” Eating Disorders by John Levitt

The Unmeasureables of an Eating Disorder by Jennifer Gaudiani

Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination by Al Lewis

Thanksgiving, eating disorders and why we should stop obsessing about food on the holidays by Alia E. Dastagir

Rethinking Eating Disorders as Misguided Life Savers Trying to Help Us, Not Beasts Trying to Attack Us by Ginny Jones

An Open Letter to Dr. Phil about Eating Disorders by Colleen Reichmann

5 Phrases to Never Say at the Dinner Table to Avoid Eating Disorders by Ginny Jones

How Pro-Eating Disorder Posts Evade Filters on Social Media by Louise Matsakis

Disabled People Can Have Eating Disorders, Too by Micaela Evans

How Fat Shaming Leads to Eating Disorders by Ragen Chastain

Eating Disorders and Suicide by Kathryn Gordon

Don’t Tell Demi Lovato, or Any Woman Who Has Suffered with an Eating Disorder, to go on a Diet by Bonnie McLaren

​​These Flower Tattoos are Designed to Celebrate Body Rolls by Alex Peters

20 Truly Inclusive Plus-Size Clothing Brands by Lindley Ashline

What’s It Like to See a ‘Fat-Friendly’ Doctor? by Seraphina Seow

Fatphobia and Fat Activism in Social-Impact Spaces by Amy Bergen

With Shrill, Aidy Bryant and Lindy West Revolutionized How We See Bodies on TV by Adrienne Westenfeld

Across Three Seasons, Shrill Quietly Revolutionized the Portrayal of Fat Women on Television by Amy McCarthy

Shrill Doesn’t Need Closure by Jen Chaney

Rethinking Fatness: Everything You’ve Been Told About Weight May Be Wrong by Meryl Davids Landau

What It’s Really Like to Date as a Fat Woman by Virgie Tovar

Reading While Fat

Dear Fat Person, Get the Vaccine and Don’t Feel Guilty by Ragen Chastain

​​It’s Time to Retire ‘You’re Not Fat, You’re Beautiful!’ by Your Fat Friend

How LiveJournal Fatshionistas Taught Me To Love My Fat Body by Crystal Maldonado​​

Community origins of the term “Superfat” by Cherry Midnight and Max Airborne

What we need to learn about fat acceptance by Ameya Nagarajan

After Years of Writing Anonymously About Fatness, I’m Telling the World Who I Am by Aubrey Gordon

Lizzo’s Body is Not a Political Battlefront by Rasheed Ajamu

It’s Time to Stop Asking How We Can Help Fat People Love Themselves by Your Fat Friend

Dating While Fat: You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation of Your Body by Charlotte Zoller

Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing in 6x and 7x | Shopping Guide by Brianne Huntsman

I am What They Fear: Healing from Eating Disorders While Fat by Ana Velasquez

Like Tess Holliday, I’m Fat And I Just Want To Live My Damn Life by Juliet James

Why the trope of the fat, unlikeable character in books needs to end by Heather Jones

Fat Studies, Body and Desirability Politics: A Reading List by Da’Shaun Harrison

The Feminist History of Fat Liberation by Sarah Simon

Clothing the Fat Body 101 by Amelia Mitchell

13 Things Your Plus-Size Guests Want You to Know this Holiday Season by Rebecca Alexander

What I Appreciate Most from Thinner Friends by Your Fat Friend

I Do Not Owe You Health: Fat Movements Rethinking Equality by Georgia Cristiani

10 Vital Ways to Support Fat Students on Campus by Kacie Otto

Fat is Not a Bad Word by Ashleigh Shackelford

Your fat friends need you as an ally. This is how you can be one by Chloe Papas

A Toolkit for Fat Flyers by Your Fat Friend

Is It Ok to Call Fat People Fat? by Ragen Chastain

Every Fat Person, Healthy or Not, Deserves Respect by Sarah Hallowell

Where to Buy Plus-Size Activewear by Nora Whelan

Essay: I’m the heaviest woman to complete a marathon by Ragen Chastain

9 Novels that Show Fat People as Themselves by Evette Dionne

Dianne Bondy is #Whatayogilookslike by Melaine Klein

Rebecca Alexander Is the Queer Fat Woman Behind AllGo, an App That Will Change the World for People of Size by Vanessa Friedman

51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People by Dani Beckett

9 Facts Shatter the Biggest Stereotypes About People Who are Fat by Julianne Ross

Take the Cake: A Fat Feminist Watches ‘I Feel Pretty’ by Virgie Tovar

Fat Phobia Affects Everyone by Sabrina Strings

The Unbearable Weight of Fatphobia: A conversation with Samantha Irby by Sherronda J. Brown

Understanding Fatphobia Through the Lens of Attachment Theory by Virgie Tovar

​​​I’m Fat and Diabetic. Here’s Why Your ‘Concern’ for my Health is Destructive. by Juliet James

I’m a Fat Activist. I Don’t Use the Word Fatphobia. Here’s Why by Your Fat Friend

Fat-shaming by doctors, family, classmates is a global health problem, studies find by Sandee LaMotte

Fat-Shaming People Won’t Improve Their Health by Christine Byrne

The Millennial Vernacular of Fatphobia by Anne Helen Petersen

the demonisation of fatness | earth to venus

Can We Dismantle Fatphobia on the Red Carpet? by Marielle Elizabet

Your Covid vaccine earned you a Krispy Kreme — with a side of fat shaming you should ignore by Kate Bernyk

The Harmful and Insidious Effects of Fatphobia by Stephanie Dolgoff

Luxury Fashion Won’t End Fatphobia by Andréa Becker

​​Why ‘thrift flipping’ clothes isn’t as ethical as it seems by Liza Bautista and Meghan Keeney

Public Health’s Power-Neutral, Fatphobic Obsession with “Food Deserts by Marquisele Mercedes

Fatphobia vs Friendship: How Diet Culture Harms Relationships by Kellee Rich (*Please note that the author inaccurately credits Lindo Bacon for starting the Health at Every Size movement. You can about the history of fat liberation and HAES here.)

When You Talk About Donald Trump’s Body, Every Fat Person You Know Hears You by Juliet James

What You Call Internalized Fatphobia Might Be Internalized Dominance by Your Fat Friend

The Unbearable Whiteness and Fatphobia of “Anti-Diet” Dietitians by Marquisele Mercedes

To Hell with Fatphobia? Working through the contradictions of weight loss and body positivity by Philippe Leonard Fradet

Not a fan of fat shaming? Stop thin praising by Afshan Jafar

The Fantasy of Being Thin by Kate Harding

What do I do now that I’m fat? by Juliana Sartor

Plus-sized? I understand why you want to lose weight, but… by Meredith Noble

Body Shame is Not a Diet Plan by Renee Engeln

Fat Shaming is the Norm in our Kids’ Favorite Shows and It’s Making Them Hate Their Bodies by Ashley Austrew

‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ Promotes a Weight Loss Fantasy by Your Fat Friend

Where Does Fat Phobia Come From? by Heather Ashbach

Can we put an end to fatphobia in woke places? by Melissa Toler

Stop Hating Fat People, Being Afraid of Getting Fat, Talking about People Being “Too Fat,” and All Forms of Fatphobia by Ginny Jones

To those who want your fat family member to lose weight by Your Fat Friend

Wanting to lose weight isn’t shameful by Hilary Kinavey

I Shouldn’t Have To Lose Weight For My Wedding. So Why Do I Feel Like A Failure? by Scaachi Koul

If You’re Mad That a Fitness Instructor Isn’t Skinny, Kindly Get a Grip by Louise Green

Life as a Plus-Size Trainer by Kristy Fassio

‘All Bodies on Bikes’: These two cyclists are advancing the conversation about size inclusion in cycling by Lily Hansen-Gillis

Some People Keep Telling Christina Malone She Looks Unhealthy. She’s an Elite Athlete. by Emma Pattee

​​7 Ways to Heal Your Relationship With Exercise and Movement by Louise Green

20 Fitness Spaces Dedicated to Inclusivity That Are Changing Gym Culture for the Better by Adele Jackson-Gibson

Learn to Accept and Embrace Your Body with Yoga by James Down

Running Needs Something More Radical Than Body Positivity. Here’s How Latoya Shauntay Snell Is Making It Happen by Taylor Dutch

The Body Positive’s Interview with Shelley Lask

Unlearning the shame we feel about being out of breath by Amber Karnes

“Fat” and “Athletic” Can Coexist by Emily Richman

Fat shaming in ballet: “Who says there’s one specific body type for sport?” by Chloe Gray

Black Trainers and Fitness Pros to Follow and Support by Chrissy King

​​How to Tell if Your Relationship with Exercise is Actually Toxic by Christine Byrne

How to Stop Using Exercise as Punishment for What You Eat by De Elizabeth

How to Instill a Healthy Attitude about Exercise in your Kids by Caroline Bologna

Online body-positive classes focus on acceptance and comfort – in the movements, and in yourself by Christy Karras

Please, I beg of you, stop asking your fitness instructor for nutrition advice by Shauna Harrison

An Open Letter to Fitness Instructors Who Want to Help Their Clients by Kathleen Meehan

The Case Against Fitness Trackers by Meghan Kacmarcik

Intuitive Movement: Learning to Play Again by Lauren Anton

MPs calls for Body Mass Index to be scrapped as it ‘contributes to eating disorders’ by Helen Carter

What It Means to Be a Health at Every Size (HAES) Provider by Paula Freedman

The real reason you can’t lose weight by Marisa Cohen

Is Weight Really the Problem? by Alissa Rumsey

The ‘Health at Every Size’ Philosophy Aims To Make Health Care More Inclusive of Larger-Sized Bodies by Christine Byrne

What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss? by Virginia Sole-Smith

Health at Every Size (HAES) for People with Diabetes by Fiona Willer

Weight-Inclusive Care by Janice Dada

Body Positive Doctors Exist – It’s Called Practicing HAES by Ama Scriver

The HAES® Files: An Open Letter to Dr. X , From a Former Fat Child

Gillette’s latest ad exposes everything that’s wrong with how we think about health by Elizabeth Di Filippo

Why I won’t be pursuing weight loss as a solution to my chronic pain by Naomi Finkelstein

Big Fat Lies About Obesity, an interview with Glenn A. Gaesser

Watching Our Weight Could Be Killing Us by Virginia Heffernan

8 Body Positive Ways to Boost Your Health in 2019 by Naomi Finkelstein

Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong by Michael Hobbes

the HAES® files: History of the Health At Every Size® Movement, Part I by Barbara Altman Bruno

Thin Is Not The Same As Healthy by Project HEAL

Understanding the ‘Health at Every Size’ paradigm by Zoe Nicholson

What if physicians stopped weighing heavier patients? Health care might improve. by Rebecca Scritchfield

For Many People, Especially Women – Weight Loss is Not a Happy Ending by Juli Fraga

In Consultation: Health Comes in All Sizes by Judith Matz

6 Scenarios Where Intentionally Changing Your Weight Doesn’t Make Sense – Even If You think it Does by Judith Matz

I’m At My Heaviest Weight Ever—and My Mental Health Has Never Been Better by Virgie Tovar

These 3 Women Are Changing How People Find Mental Health Support by Ginny Graves

Mental health professionals are the ones taking care of us: Who’s taking care of them? by Alia E. Dastagir

‘Nobody Has Openings’: Mental Health Providers Struggle to Meet Demand by Christina Caron

Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues we’ll face in 2021 by Kristen Rogers

Malena Thurman on daughter Greta Thunburg, “She was slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness” by Malena Ernman

Before You Kill Yourself, I Just Want to Talk by Sam Dylan Finch

Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted — It’s Why You Feel Awful by Tara Haelle

How to talk to children about suicide: An age-by-age guide by Meghan Holohan

‘We Are Therapists. After 6 Months of Lockdown, We’re Almost at Breaking Point’ by Jessi Gold and Stephanie Zerwas

My Mental Illness is Not a Phase, and I Am Not Ashamed by Seamus Kirst

Social media linked to rise in mental health disorders in teens, survey finds by Shamard Charles

People with mental illness don’t need more talk by Philip Moscovitch

7 Mental Health Advocates Share what Stigmas They Face as a Person of Color with Mental Illness by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

16 Grounding Techniques to help with PTSD and Anxiety by Jami Sanders

Dealing with the Emotional Scars of SIBO or IBS. When to Get Help by Kate Scarlata

Mind Control: Barbara Ehrenreich’s radical critique of wellness and self-improvement by Gabriel Winant

Filters for Your Mind: Better Than the Ones Found on Instagram by Connie Sobczak

What Role Do Emotions Play in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury? by Prussien et al.

Marci Evans’ 3-part Orthorexia Nervosa training: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The Authorized Bratman Orthorexia Self-Test by Steven Bratman

Why It’s Time To Stop Using the Term ‘Food Deserts’—And What To Use Instead by Destini Moody

How to Decolonize Mental Health Treatment for BIPOC by Gabes Torres

​​Dear therapist community during fat liberation month by Rachel Millner

What’s Wrong in Saying “Trust a Dietitian”? by Lucy Aphramor

Decolonizing Therapy: Why an Apolitical Mental Health System Doesn’t Work by Anuradha Varanasi

Editorial: Building an anti-oppressive community of practice: Moving from lip service to liberation through belonging by Gavriel Ansara

Author Ijeoma Oluo’s ‘Mediocre’ Confronts White Male Power In America by Tonya Mosley and Allison Hagan

Modern-Day Hippocrates: Incoming School of Medicine Students Write Their Own Oath | University of Pittsburg

Applying the Social Model of Disability to Eating Disorders by Emily Cutler

20 Ways to Uplift Marginalized Communities and Foster Allyship in Recovery by Dagan VanDemark

Among people facing food insecurity, researchers find a hidden health issue: eating disorders by Carrie Arnold

Expertise is Not Social Justice: Reflecting on the “Ob*sity Epidemic” by Mikey

8 Must-Reads by Women who take on White Supremacy and Patriarchal Power by Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible by Kai Chen Thom

Don’t Talk About Implicit Bias without Talking About Structural Racism by Kathleen Osta and Hugh Vasquez

Why Judging People for Buying Unhealthy Food Is Classist by Wiley Reading

Working to Disarm Women’s Anti-Aging Demon by Ashton Applewhite

We don’t need a “new skinny” — we need to obliterate beauty standards altogether by Melissa A. Fabello

“Disability Justice” is Simply Another Term for Love by Mia Mingus

The Colonization of Women’s Bodies by Vania Phitidis

Ways to Move Forward Together by Hilary Kinavey

Reducing Weight Bias in GI Practice to Improve the Clinician/Patient Relationship by Beth Rosen

Why Weight-Loss Challenges Have No Business in the Workplace by Shana Minei Spence

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