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  • Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and the Non-Diet Approach
  • Health at Every Size®
  • Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
  • Body Liberation, Body Positivity, and Fat Activism
  • Self Compassion, Body Image, and Embodiment
  • Weight Stigma and Bias
  • Misc.

Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and the Non-Diet Approach

Please Don’t Teach My Kids to Diet: 5 Resources to Give Teachers and Schools by Anna Lutz

Nutritional Minutiae Doesn’t Really Matter As Much As We Think It Does by Robyn Nohling

Intuitive Eating Research Update by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, co-author of Intuitive Eating, 3rd Ed.

What is the Satisfaction Factor and Why Does it Matter so Much? By Kelsey Miller

Emotional Eating and the Sweet Spot of Discomfort by Vania Phitidis

3 Myths about “Intuitive Eating” by Isabel Foxen Duke

Relax, You Don’t Need to ‘Eat Clean’ by Aaron E. Carroll

Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up About What You Eat by Virginia Sole-Smith

“CLEAN” EATING – The Dirty Truth by Jon Robison

How The Clean Eating Fad Is Taking A Toll On Young Women by Anna Cherry

Let’s Talk About Halloween Candy by Dana Sturtevant and Hilary Kinavey

Banning soda, sugary cereal or ice cream for your kids may not be the best strategy by Casey Seidenberg

Weight Watchers Offering Free Memberships To Teens (AKA Future Of Yo-Yo Dieting) by Joni Edelman

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem. by Rebecca Scritchfield

The Whole30 is Over, Now What? by Be Nourished

What Does Intuitive Eating Mean? by Aaron Flores

Elimination Diets: Are They Really Helpful? by Emily Fonnesbeck

Think You Have A Sugar Addiction? Here’s Why Cutting Out Sugar Might Actually Backfire by Laura Thomas

Why and How to Give Yourself Permissionto Eat Anything by Eveyln Tribole

Eating Toward Immortality: Diet culture is just another way of dealing with the fear of death by Michelle Allison

An Open Letter to Oprah about Weight Watchers by Joslyn Smith

The Sadness of Saying Enough, by Elyse Resch, MS, RDN,  CEDRD, co-author of Intuitive Eating

The Trouble With Food Policing in Schools by Leslie Schilling

Sugar addiction: the state of the science by Westwater et al.

Why Mindful Eating is Weight Inclusive by Lilia Graue

The not-so-obvious problem with dieting by Melissa Toler

5 Common Intuitive Eating Struggles (and Steps to Help You Overcome Them) by Vincci Tsui

Almost 40% of peer-reviewed dietary research turns out to be wrong. Here’s why. By Patrick Clinton

This Nutritionist’s Manifesto Against the Whole30 Will Shake Your View of Healthy Eating by Rebecca Scritchfield

Type 2 Diabetes: Intermittent fasting may raise risk by Ana Sandoiu

The Dirty Side of Clean Eating: How my Obsession Turned (Very) Unhealthy by Florence Gillet

Hey Hippocrates: Food isn’t medicine. It’s just food. by Dylan MacKay

An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Camp Counselor by Anna Lutz

Coeliac Disease In Children – treating the whole child by Sarah Peck

Requiem for a Weight Watcher published by Fluffy Kitten Party

Your kitchen could hurt you, save you, or make your children overweight by Michael Joyce

Health at Every Size®

Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong by Michael Hobbes

the HAES® files: History of the Health At Every Size® Movement, Part I by Barbara Altman Bruno

Do No Harm: Moving Beyond Weight Loss

An Alternative to a Proposed Guideline Suggesting Weight Loss for Kids by Rebecca Scritchfield

The Truth About That New “Fat But Fit” Study by Christy Harrison

Coming to Terms with my Daughter’s Genetically Programmed Body Size by Julie O’Toole

‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Must Brutally Overexercise to Keep Off the Weight, Study Says by Holly Van Hare

Why I Will Never Refer to Someone as “Overweight” or “Obese” Again by Kristina Bruce

What thin people don’t understand about dieting by Traci Mann and A. Janet Tomiyama

the HAES® files: My Sister Is Oprah’s Personal Weight Watchers Consultant by Joanne Soolman

Love at Every Size: Healthy, Happy, and at Home in your Body by Jen Ponton

Thin Is Not The Same As Healthy by Project HEAL

Dear Doctor, Meet Your Patient in a Larger Body by Dr. Colleen Reichmann

When teaching BMI… by Lori Short-Zamudi

Understanding the ‘health at every size’ paradigm by Zoe Nicholson

An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver by Laura Thomas, Sarah Dempster, Helen West and Rosie Saunt

What if physicians stopped weighing heavier patients? by Rebecca Scritchfield

What Nobody Tells You About the Dark Side of Losing Weight by Juli Fraga


Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Embracing a new body in ED Recovery by Carissa Shaul

From Bulimia to Berlin: How one runner beat his eating disorder by Georgia Scarr

Have Recommendations for Weight Restoration and Specialized Treatment Been Overturned? F.E.A.S.T Position Statement, October 2018

Marci Evans’ 3-part Orthorexia Nervosa training: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The #1 Medical Complication of Binge Eating Disorder: Poor General Medical and Surgical Care Arising from Weight Stigma by Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani

Warning: Looking and Lamenting may be Lethal by Sandra Wartski, PsyD, CEDS

Review of Netflix “To The Bone” movie

Reduce Body Checking with Two Easy Steps by Liliana Almeida, MA

Hope is Essential When Working with People Who Have “Chronic” Eating Disorders by John Levitt, PhD

The Difference Between IOP and PHP Eating Disorder Programs by Libby Lyons

When illness severity and research dollars do not align: are we overlooking eating disorders? by Murray et al.

The Unmeasureables of an Eating Disorder by Jennifer L. Gaudiani

Dear Doctor: Your patient has an eating disorder by Gwyneth Olwyn

Existing as a Trans Person with an Eating Disorder by Luke Knudsen

Diabetes And Eating Disorders: It’s About Time People Started Listening by Claire Kearns

Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination by Al Lewis

Eating disorder treatments need to consider social, cultural implications of the illness

Even after treatment, brains of anorexia nervosa patients not fully recovered by DeGuzman et al.

The importance of recognizing Anorexia in people in larger bodies by Tabitha Farrar with Dr. Rachel Millner

To the Bone: creating eating disorder awareness of doing harm? by Joanna Doley and Susan J. Paxton

A Screening Tool for Binge Eating Disorder

British Teen Phenom Bobby Clay Reveals How She Got Osteoporosis At Age 20 by Johanna Gretschel

Treating Adolescents and Adults in the Same Milieu by Doug Bunnell

Why Are Male Athletes at Risk for Eating Disorders? by Dr. Paula Quatromoni

Chronic Dieting: The Socially Acceptable Eating Disorder by Caroline Dooner

Thanksgiving, eating disorders and why we should stop obsessing about food on the holidays by Alia E. Dastagir

Rethinking Eating Disorders as Misguided Life Savers Trying to Help Us, Not Beasts Trying to Attack Us

The Authorized Bratman Orthorexia Self-Test by Steven Bratman

The Inextricable Tie Between Eating Disorders and Endurance Athletes by Nora Caplan-Bricker

6 Signs Your Gym Habit Could Be An Eating Disorder In Disguise by Anne Machalinski

Anorexia And Bulimia Are Black Women’s Diseases, Too by Erica Hawkins

Diet Christmas: when did the holiday season become a time for disordered eating? by Deirdre Fidge

The Problem with ‘Clean Eating’ in Eating Disorder Recovery by Jennifer Rollin

An Open Letter to Dr. Phil about Eating Disorders by Dr. Colleen Reichmann

The Connections Between the Brain and Urges to Binge and Purge by Tammy Beasley

Health at Every Size and Eating Disorders by Lauren Muhl

5 Phrases to Never Say at the Dinner Table to Avoid Eating Disorders by Ginny Jones

Mariner Abruptly Retires to Help People with Eating Disorders

How Pro-Eating Disorder Posts Evade Filters on Social Media by Louise Matsakis

Returning to the Progress of Recovery by OJ of thirdwheelED

Disabled People Can Have Eating Disorders, Too by Micaela Evans

How Fat Shaming Leads to Eating Disorders by Ragen Chastain

It Cannot Be Ignored: Runners spread awareness about eating disorders in their sport by Kelyn Soong

Is Atypical Anorexia Really Atypical? The Interplay of Weight Suppression, Weight Bias, and Atypical Anorexia by Rachel Millner

The Difference Between “I have Anorexia” vs. “I am Anorexic” is a Bigger Deal than You Might Think by LaRissa Vienna

Eating Disorders and Suicide by Dr. Kathryn Gordon


Body Liberation, Body Positivity, and Fat Activism

To Hell with Fatphobia? Working through the contradictions of weight loss and body positivity by Philippe Leonard Fradet

Ask Bodyposipanda: How do I deal with people saying I’ve ‘let myself go’ since finding body positivity?

Can Gen X Women Love Their Bodies? by Amy Keller Laird

Doctor’s Office Survival Kit by Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat

List of retailers and online stores offering active wear in larger sizes.

Not a fan of fat shaming? Stop thin praising by Afshan Jafar

5 Ways Parents of Preschoolers Can Raise a Body-Positive Kid

Obesity and Join Replacement. Part 1: Are BMI Restrictions Ethical?

Fat People and Chairs – A Hate Story

Books that Teach Body Positivity to Your Kids

What Is Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness and Why Should we Consider it? by Rebecca Johnson

Where to Buy Plus-Size Activewear by Nora Whelan

13 easy ways to help yourself actually live body positivity by Arielle Tschinkel

Books That Teach Body Positivity To Your Kids by Isabelle Khoo

The Fantasy of Being Thin by Kate Harding

What do I do now that I’m fat? by Juliana Sartor

How to Talk to your Daughter about her Body by Sarah Koppelkam

Plus-sized? I understand why you want to lose weight, but… by Meredith Noble

Essay: I’m the heaviest woman to complete a marathon by Ragen Chastain

Best Body Positive Instagram Accounts by Meredith Noble

9 Novels that Show Fat People as Themselves by Evette Dionne

Dianne Bondy is #Whatayogilookslike by Melaine Klein

Rebecca Alexander Is the Queer Fat Woman Behind AllGo, an App That Will Change the World for People of Size by Vanessa Friedman

Confronting And Crushing Weight-Gain Anxiety by Briana Hernandez

Body Shame is Not a Diet Plan by Renee Engeln

Rebecca Alexander Is the Queer Fat Woman Behind AllGo, an App That Will Change the World for People of Size by Vanessa Friedman

10 Tips for Radically Loving Your Body (Disabled or Otherwise) by Taylor Carmen

Body Positivity is a Scam by Amanda Mull

50 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow by Mallory Creveling

Body Liberation is Not about Eating Donuts by Dr. Maria Paredes

Why I’ve Chosen Body Liberation Over Body Love by Jes Baker

51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People by Dani Beckett

Six Queer BIPOC Voices in the Body Positive Movement by Donyae Coles

9 Facts Shatter the Biggest Stereotypes About People Who are Fat by Julianne Ross


Self Compassion, Body Image, and Embodiment

The Neuroscience of Compassion by Azriel ReShel

Making the Most of Your Whole Self: Being and Embodied Therapist by Susan Kleinman, MA, ADTR, NCC, CEDS

Emotion Checklists: Identifying Your Feelings, Pleasant and Not by Athena Staik, PhD

The Neuroscience of Compassion by Azriel ReShel

What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone by Heather Plett

Poor body image makes girls less assertive and risks health, study finds by Haroon Siddique

Expert resources for parents and mentors to help raise young people’s self-esteem

Negative Body Image and ‘The Red Car Syndrome’ by Jennifer Rollin

But I Don’t Want to Accept This Body…A Shoe Story by Anna Sweeney

Celebrating Body Diversity Among Students – And Teachers Too! by Kimberly Dark

Rippon’s body image comments highlight hidden struggle among gay men by John Paul Brammer

You Don’t Have to Love Your Body by Ijeoma Oluo

How to Talk about Body Image Issues When You’re Not Fat by Dawy Rkasnuam

This One Passage from Lindy West’s Memoir Transformed How I See My Body by Sadi Trombetta

Take the Cake: A Fat Feminist Watches ‘I Feel Pretty’ by Virgie Tovar

How to Sit with Your Feelings by Vania Phitidis


Weight Stigma and Bias

The Workplace Problem that No One is Talking About by M. Mertens

Fat Bias Starts Early and Takes a Serious Toll by Jane E. Brody

“No Fatties”: When Health Care Hurts by Carey Purcell

We need to put an end to fatphobia in woke places by Melissa Toler

5 Ways People with Thin Privilege Can Fight Body Terrorism by Julie Feng

Guidelines on Pediatric Obesity and Stigma

Fat Shaming in the Doctor’s Office Can Be Mentally and Physically Harmful by Audrey Hamilton

How to advocate for yourself at the doctor as a fat person by Sophia Carter-Kahn

The #1 Medical Complication of Binge Eating Disorder: Poor General Medical and Surgical Care arising from Weight Stigma by Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani

My sister’s cancer might have been diagnosed sooner — if doctors could have seen beyond her weight by Laura Fraser

Stop Hating Fat People, Being Afraid of Getting Fat, Talking about People Being “Too Fat,” and All Forms of Fatphobia

To those who want your fat family member to lose weight by Your Fat Friend

The Health Impact of Weight Stigma by Carrie Dennett

Does the health & wellness community really care about health & wellness? by Melissa Toler

Wanting to lose weight isn’t shameful by Hilary Kinavey

Why Weight Stigma is a Public Health Issue by Vincci Tsui

Discrimination against fat people is so endemic, most of us don’t even realize it’s happening by Angela Meadows

My Life as a Public Health Crisis by Harmony Cox

Making Peace with My Body Meant Saying Goodbye to High Heels by Anna Sweeney



Different Faces of Trauma, My Journey to Heal from Old Childhood Wounds by Sharon Giardina

The Colonization of Women’s Bodies

So Lonely I Could Die

Why You Gain Belly Fat After Menopause (And Why it’s OK) by Jessi Haggerty

My child says they want to be “more healthy” – should I be pleased, or alarmed? by Fiona Sutherland

Why Judging People for Buying Unhealthy Food Is Classist by Wiley Reading

Filters for Your Mind: Better Than the Ones Found on Instagram by Connie Sobczak

Working to Disarm Women’s Anti-Aging Demon by Ashton Applewhite

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life ‘In An Underslept State’ by Terry Gross

The Indestructible Myth of the Sugar High

Ways to Move Forward Together by Hilary Kinavey

Your Healthy Lifestyle Won’t Necessarily Make You Healthier by Sandro Galea

Tips for Dealing with Diet and Weight Talk Over The Holidays by Jennifer Rollin

Three Printable Signs (+Tips) That Will Make Your Holidays More Enjoyable by Jes Baker

We don’t need a “new skinny” — we need to obliterate beauty standards altogether by Melissa A. Fabello

Positives of recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea by Nicola Rinaldi

Your Nutrition Advice Won’t Help if it’s Not Culturally Sensitive by Christina Byrne

The Case Against Fitness Trackers by Meghan Kacmarcik

Mind Control: Barbara Ehrenreich’s radical critique of wellness and self-improvement by Gabriel Winant

Intuitive Movement: Learning to Play Again by Lauren Anton

What Exactly is “Thin Privilege”? by Kristina Bruce

7 Mental Health Advocates Share what Stigmas They Face as a Person of Color with Mental Illness by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

I Shouldn’t Have To Lose Weight For My Wedding. So Why Do I Feel Like A Failure? by Scaachi Koul

The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Medical Advocate by Ragen Chastain

How to respond to client disclosures of trauma when you’re not a therapist by Dr. Jenna Daku

“Disability Justice” is Simply Another Term for Love by Mia Mingus