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School warnings about children’s weight don’t work, study says by Sandee LaMotte

To Parents of Kids with Eating Disorders (Especially Those Who Don’t Fit the Stereotype) by Rachel Millner

Help! My kid has been sent home with a serve of diet culture; Your guide to keeping your sh*t together AND taking effective action by Fiona Sutherland

​​NoYour Child is Not Addicted to Sugar by Leslie Schilling

A School Nutrition Lesson: The Edible Parts of a Plant by Anna Lutz

Optimizing Healthy Eating Habits in the Classroom by Elisheva Dorfman and Dina Cohen

Are School Health Lessons Harming Kids? by Leslie Schilling

F.E.A.S.T. Position Statement on Weight Watchers Kurbo App

Raising Competent Eaters: Food Neutrality by Jamie Lee, RDN, LD

What Happens When You Put a Kid on A Diet? by Rachel Millner, Psy.D, CEDS-S, CBTP

Please Don’t Teach My Kids to Diet: 5 Resources to Give Teachers and Schools by Anna Lutz

Let’s Talk About Halloween Candy by Dana Sturtevant and Hilary Kinavey

Banning soda, sugary cereal or ice cream for your kids may not be the best strategy by Casey Seidenberg

Weight Watchers Offering Free Memberships to Teens (AKA Future Of Yo-Yo Dieting) by Joni Edelman

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem. by Rebecca Scritchfield

The Trouble with Food Policing in Schools by Leslie Schilling

An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Camp Counselor by Anna Lutz

An Alternative to a Proposed Guideline Suggesting Weight Loss for Kids by Rebecca Scritchfield

An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver by Laura Thomas, Sarah Dempster, Helen West and Rosie Saunt

Let’s smash school weigh-ins and teach kids body positivity instead by McCall Dempsey

How to Make Kids Comfortable in Their Own Bodies by Melinda Wenner Moyer

5 Ways Parents of Preschoolers Can Raise a Body-Positive Kid by Sierra Filucci

How to Talk to your Daughter about her Body by Sarah Koppelkam

Your Adolescent Daughter Doesn’t Have a Weight Problem. She’s Going Through Puberty by Maryann Jacobsen

Emerging Adulthood: A Time When Treatment is Less Available, Eating Disorders Review by Eating Disorders Review

Eating Disorders Surge in St. Lois. Doctors blame stress, isolation. from pandemic by Kayla Drake

During Covid, Eating Disorder Patients Turn to Apps by Michelle Konstantinovsky

Awareness of Eating Disorders in Human Trafficking Vitctims by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Eating disorders cost US $65 billion a year: Here’s what agencies can do by Bryn Austin, Christine Peat, and Cynthia Bulik

Veganism and eating disorders: Is there a link? by Carrie Dennett

Opinion: It’s time we act to prevent eating disorders by Alvin Tran

Ask a Fat Girl: Eating Disorders Happen at Any Size by Charlotte Zoller

A New Study Looks at 1,000 People Living with Eating Disorders During the Pandemic. I’m One of Them. by Michelle Konstantinovsky

How the healthcare system is failing people with eating disorders by Pamela Keel

Gut Instinct: Eating Disorders are Early Developmental Trauma by Kathleen Love

Eating disorders: Over-65s unable to access some clinics by Meghan Owen and Anna Adams

I’m Giving My Eating Disorder Away by Sam Dylan Finch

GI Disorders + Food Fears by Kate Scarlata

The Future of Genetic Research on Eating Disorders by Cynthia Bulik

Is Your Child’s Target Weight a Gift to the Eating Disorder? by Eva Musby

I Interviewed My Parents About My Eating Disorder by Brittany Ladin

How Eating Disorders Can Affect Anyone

Eating Disorders Can Mask Autism in Girls by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Creating Accessible Yoga Spaces for People with Eating Disorders by Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Poly-substance Abuse and Eating Disorders in College Students by Crystal Karges

The Overlooked Crisis of Eating Disorders Among Middle Aged Women by Carrie Dennett

Here are 3 Ways Sexual Objectification and Eating Disorders Interact by Melissa A. Fabello

Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You for Saving My Life by Kinsey Ouellette

More Older Women are Struggling with Eating Disorders. Here are the Warning Signs by Kristen Sturt

Living in Secrecy: My 20 Year Eating Disorder Battle by Shira Rose

4 Stereotypes about Eating Disorder and Gender that Need to Go by Melissa A. Fabello

Extreme fasting: how Silicon Valley is rebranding eating disorders by Arwa Mahdawi

Battling My Body: Being Queer with an Eating Disorder by Laura Bullard

The Stigma is Real: Self-blame and explanations for eating disorders by Andrea

I preached body positivity – and sunk deeper into my eating disorder at the same time by Sam Dylan Finch

The World’s Deadliest Psychiatric Disorder by Emily Kate

America is Utterly Failing People of Color with Eating Disorders by Angela Garbes

What is Night Eating Syndrome? Signs, symptoms and treatment of the condition by Lauren Mulheim

Warning: Looking and Lamenting may be Lethal by Sandra Wartski

Hope is Essential When Working with People Who Have “Chronic” Eating Disorders by John Levitt

The Unmeasureables of an Eating Disorder by Jennifer Gaudiani

Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination by Al Lewis

Thanksgiving, eating disorders and why we should stop obsessing about food on the holidays by Alia E. Dastagir

Rethinking Eating Disorders as Misguided Life Savers Trying to Help Us, Not Beasts Trying to Attack Us by Ginny Jones

An Open Letter to Dr. Phil about Eating Disorders by Colleen Reichmann

5 Phrases to Never Say at the Dinner Table to Avoid Eating Disorders by Ginny Jones

How Pro-Eating Disorder Posts Evade Filters on Social Media by Louise Matsakis

Disabled People Can Have Eating Disorders, Too by Micaela Evans

How Fat Shaming Leads to Eating Disorders by Ragen Chastain

Eating Disorders and Suicide by Kathryn Gordon

Don’t Tell Demi Lovato, or Any Woman Who Has Suffered with an Eating Disorder, to go on a Diet by Bonnie McLaren

It’s Time to Stop Asking How We Can Help Fat People Love Themselves by Your Fat Friend

Dating While Fat: You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation of Your Body by Charlotte Zoller

Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing in 6x and 7x | Shopping Guide by Brianne Huntsman

I am What They Fear: Healing from Eating Disorders While Fat by Ana Velasquez

Like Tess Holliday, I’m Fat And I Just Want To Live My Damn Life by Juliet James

Why the trope of the fat, unlikeable character in books needs to end by Heather Jones

Fat Studies, Body and Desirability Politics: A Reading List by Da’Shaun Harrison

The Feminist History of Fat Liberation by Sarah Simon

Clothing the Fat Body 101 by Amelia Mitchell

13 Things Your Plus-Size Guests Want You to Know this Holiday Season by Rebecca Alexander

What I Appreciate Most from Thinner Friends by Your Fat Friend

I Do Not Owe You Health: Fat Movements Rethinking Equality by Georgia Cristiani

10 Vital Ways to Support Fat Students on Campus by Kacie Otto

Fat is Not a Bad Word by Ashleigh Shackelford

Your fat friends need you as an ally. This is how you can be one by Chloe Papas

A Toolkit for Fat Flyers by Your Fat Friend

Is It Ok to Call Fat People Fat? by Ragen Chastain

Every Fat Person, Healthy or Not, Deserves Respect by Sarah Hallowell

Where to Buy Plus-Size Activewear by Nora Whelan

Essay: I’m the heaviest woman to complete a marathon by Ragen Chastain

9 Novels that Show Fat People as Themselves by Evette Dionne

Dianne Bondy is #Whatayogilookslike by Melaine Klein

Rebecca Alexander Is the Queer Fat Woman Behind AllGo, an App That Will Change the World for People of Size by Vanessa Friedman

51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People by Dani Beckett

9 Facts Shatter the Biggest Stereotypes About People Who are Fat by Julianne Ross

Take the Cake: A Fat Feminist Watches ‘I Feel Pretty’ by Virgie Tovar

Fat Phobia Affects Everyone by Sabrina Strings

The Unbearable Weight of Fatphobia: A conversation with Samantha Irby by Sherronda J. Brown

Public Health’s Power-Neutral, Fatphobic Obsession with “Food Deserts by Marquisele Mercedes

Fatphobia vs Friendship: How Diet Culture Harms Relationships by Kellee Rich (*Please note that the author inaccurately credits Lindo Bacon for starting the Health at Every Size movement. You can about the history of fat liberation and HAES here.)

When You Talk About Donald Trump’s Body, Every Fat Person You Know Hears You by Juliet James

What You Call Internalized Fatphobia Might Be Internalized Dominance by Your Fat Friend

The Unbearable Whiteness and Fatphobia of “Anti-Diet” Dietitians by Marquisele Mercedes

To Hell with Fatphobia? Working through the contradictions of weight loss and body positivity by Philippe Leonard Fradet

Not a fan of fat shaming? Stop thin praising by Afshan Jafar

The Fantasy of Being Thin by Kate Harding

What do I do now that I’m fat? by Juliana Sartor

Plus-sized? I understand why you want to lose weight, but… by Meredith Noble

Body Shame is Not a Diet Plan by Renee Engeln

Fat Shaming is the Norm in our Kids’ Favorite Shows and It’s Making Them Hate Their Bodies by Ashley Austrew

‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ Promotes a Weight Loss Fantasy by Your Fat Friend

Where Does Fat Phobia Come From? by Heather Ashbach

Can we put an end to fatphobia in woke places? by Melissa Toler

Stop Hating Fat People, Being Afraid of Getting Fat, Talking about People Being “Too Fat,” and All Forms of Fatphobia by Ginny Jones

To those who want your fat family member to lose weight by Your Fat Friend

Wanting to lose weight isn’t shameful by Hilary Kinavey

I Shouldn’t Have To Lose Weight For My Wedding. So Why Do I Feel Like A Failure? by Scaachi Koul

The ‘Health at Every Size’ Philosophy Aims To Make Health Care More Inclusive of Larger-Sized Bodies by Christine Byrne

What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss? by Virginia Sole-Smith

Health at Every Size (HAES) for People with Diabetes by Fiona Willer

Weight-Inclusive Care by Janice Dada

Body Positive Doctors Exist – It’s Called Practicing HAES by Ama Scriver

The HAES® Files: An Open Letter to Dr. X , From a Former Fat Child

Gillette’s latest ad exposes everything that’s wrong with how we think about health by Elizabeth Di Filippo

Why I won’t be pursuing weight loss as a solution to my chronic pain by Naomi Finkelstein

Big Fat Lies About Obesity, an interview with Glenn A. Gaesser

Watching Our Weight Could Be Killing Us by Virginia Heffernan

8 Body Positive Ways to Boost Your Health in 2019 by Naomi Finkelstein

Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong by Michael Hobbes

the HAES® files: History of the Health At Every Size® Movement, Part I by Barbara Altman Bruno

Thin Is Not The Same As Healthy by Project HEAL

Understanding the ‘Health at Every Size’ paradigm by Zoe Nicholson

What if physicians stopped weighing heavier patients? Health care might improve. by Rebecca Scritchfield

For Many People, Especially Women – Weight Loss is Not a Happy Ending by Juli Fraga

In Consultation: Health Comes in All Sizes by Judith Matz

6 Scenarios Where Intentionally Changing Your Weight Doesn’t Make Sense – Even If You think it Does by Judith Matz

Marci Evans’ 3-part Orthorexia Nervosa training: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The Authorized Bratman Orthorexia Self-Test by Steven Bratman

5 Ways Weight Stigma Harms Fat People’s Health by Ragen Chastain

Weight Isn’t The Problem With COVID-19. How We Talk About It Is. by Christine Byrne

Breaking down the negative impacts of weight stigma ahead of Weight Stigma Awareness Week by Carrie Dennett

Weight Stigma and Eating Disorders by Shira Rosenbluth

Othering fatness: Medical professionals’ negative bias towards fat people jeopardises the quality of care by Pontsho Pilane

Instagram’s ban on weight loss ads is good, but not good enough by Sarah Berry

The Quiet Harm of #Transformation Tuesday by Your Fat Friend

What We Can All Learn from The Fat Sex Therapist by Alexandra Jones

6 Tools for Understanding and Dismantling Weight Stigma and Fat Phobia by Gillian Brown

Nike’s Plus Size Mannequins Uncover the Truth About Weight Stigma by Ragen Chastain

Weight Stigmatization by Medical Professionals is Preventable, Researcher Says by Alan Mackenzie

The Body Shaming that Haunts Young Boys by Luke O’Neil

The #1 Medical Complication of Binge Eating Disorder is Poor General and Surgical Medical Care arising from Weight Stigma by Jennifer Gaudiani

The Workplace Problem that No One is Talking About by Maggie Mertens

Fat Bias Starts Early and Takes a Serious Toll by Jane E. Brody

“No Fatties”: When Health Care Hurts by Carey Purcell

The Health Impact of Weight Stigma by Carrie Dennett

Does the health & wellness community really care about health & wellness? by Melissa Toler

Why Weight Stigma is a Public Health Issue by Vincci Tsui

Discrimination against fat people is so endemic, most of us don’t even realize it’s happening by Angela Meadows

My Life as a Public Health Crisis by Harmony Cox

Is American Dietetics a White-Bread World? These Dietitians Think So by Priya Krishna

This Black Woman Entrepreneur Created an App to Combat Racial Bias within the Health Field by Dana Givens

Black Women Are Facing an Overwhelming Mental Health Crisis by Lynya Floyd

Marcus Samuelsson: Erasing Black Culinary History Ignores ‘The Soul Of American Food’ by David Davies

I Am Not Ok by Jahana Hayes

Why is Our Culture Preoccupied with how BIPOC Children Eat? by Virgie Tovar

Meet the Latinx Dietitian Fighting to Make Space for Her Community in the Nutrition World by Sophie Herbut

The Unplug Collective Explores How Diet Culture Is Rooted In Anti-Blackness by Janice Gassam Asare

​The Unbearable Whiteness and Fatphobia of “Anti-Diet” Dietitians by Marquisele Mercedes

How We Save Ourselves by Roxane Gay

Celebrating Black Fat Activists by Ragen Chastain

Amid COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, providers push for equity in treating eating disorders by Allie Barton

Not All Fat Black Boys Know How to Eat by Da’Shawn Harrison

HTN Linked to Being on the Receiving End of Racism by Nicole Lou

Why a new generation of Black farmers is getting into the business by Danielle Wiener-Bronner

When Did Recipe Writing Get So…Whitewashed? by Priya Krishna

Wellness Doesn’t Belong to White Women by Kelly Gonsalves

Perspective: Stolen Breaths by Rachel Hardeman, Eduardo Medina, and Rhea Boyd

The Real Reasons Why My Disordered Eating Went Unnoticed by Almost Everyone by Savala Trepczynski

Being Mindful of Race by Ruth King

For Our White Friends Desiring to be Allies by Courtney Ariel

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice by Corinne Shutack

Anti-racism resources

Black Feminist Perspectives on COVID-19: A Reading List by Nana Afua Yeboaa Brantuo

Why You Need to Stop Saying “All lives matter” by Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Opinion | It’s Not Obesity. It’s Slavery. by Sabrina Strings

A doctor who has been intermittent fasting for years said he quit because his new study showed it has little benefit for health or weight loss by Gabby Landsverk

Lizzo on Hope, Justice, and the Election by Claudia Rankine

I’ve Been To Rehab Four Times and I May Never Stay Sober. I’m Still Recovering. by Nicole Luongo

The First Data on COVOID-19 And Teens’ Mental Health is Here – And It’s Not Good by Catherine Pearson

Your COVID-19 ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ Mental Health Guide by Sam Dylan Finch

Dear Problem Patients by Brianne Benness

Our Tastes Change with Adulthood, Pregnancy, Medication, and More. Here’s Why by Jo Khan

Can Sobriety be Both a Health Trend and A Matter of Life or Death? by Amy Dresner

How Social Rejection Causes Stress and Inflammation by Amee Severson

Study Ties Some Dietary Supplements to Medical Harms in Children, Young Adults

Dubious Diagnosis by Charles Miller

This is why mindfulness isn’t working for you by Rebecca Ruiz

I’m broke and mostly friendless and I’ve wasted my whole life by Heather Havrilesky

So Lonely I Could Die

Why You Gain Belly Fat After Menopause (And Why it’s OK) by Jessi Haggerty

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life ‘In An Underslept State’ by Terry Gross

Your Nutrition Advice Won’t Help if it’s Not Culturally Sensitive by Christina Byrne

Stress May Raise Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Women

Why Ugliness is Vital in the Age of Social Media by Alok and Mia Mingus

7 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During Difficult Times by Gillian Brown

What it Means to Hold Space for Someone by Heather Plett